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Bored bored bored

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This stupid child is unbel immature. Am trying to disengage, but now SS16 has decided HE wants to spend EOW with us I feel I should make an effort. WHY BOTHER??? We have a family gym membership (myself SO and my 2 bios). Not paying to add on SS as he is never here.....this wknd we invited him to come swimming with us. He is 16....him and SO were in the changing rooms forever while me and my two (9 and 13) were already in pool swimming for a good 20 mins. Asked where they were...."SS bought shorts that don't fit, I had to find a pin and pin them up for him. He has to use my goggles as he can't find his own....." This boy is pathetic!!! He cannot find a pair of shorts that fit, but he can "entertain" his 15 yr old girlfriens alone at his mothers house. Makes me sick.....