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SD24's Boyfriend is an Idiot

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So my DW was silly enough to co-sign for SD24 and her boyfriend's apartment.

They just moved in August. Of course it's September, and they can't pay their rent because the bf is too damn lazy to get a job. So their plan was for him to go to school, and use their student loan refunds to pay the rent.

So he goes to the community college and takes their placement test. He scored so low on his test that they won't allow him to enroll. This is the first time I've ever heard of someone who can't get into community college. Even SD24, who reads at a middle school level could get into community college. :jawdrop:

Of course now her boyfriend's plan is to find a job, which we've been telling him to do for the past 2 years. I really don't get this whole generation of youngsters who would rather sit on their ass living off the government instead of working and having some money.


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Oh I told her that it was a VERY bad idea for her to co-sign. Her daughter has been evicted from every single place she has lived for not paying rent.

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As long as my son is single, I would cosign for him. I know that he is responsible and will pay on time. Add a girlfriend or wife to the mix and my answer would be no.

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It isn't just young people milking the system. There are plenty of old folks out there who would run circles around these new jacks when it comes to taking advantage of government hand outs.

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Yeah I guess if I had a kid and they were responsible, I wouldn't see an issue with co-signing.

Her kids though.....No and HELL No.

I keep telling my wife...we cannot afford to be responsible for TWO households.

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Truth - co-borrowing situations arise when the primary applicant has no credit worthiness or ability to service payment. There is rationale behind that scenario (students for example) but to co-sign because a kid hasn't proven themselves financially independent? Scary.

Sadly a lot of parents don't think about the message it sends and it's fairly typical for these kids to repeat the process. IE kid now wants a fancy car... I'll just go ask daddy. It's an easy way to create a demanding entitled brat.

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Yuck! I am sorry, but I work in finance. I see a LOT of parents co-signing for their adult children. It's one thing if the child is 19, has no credit history, or some reason supporting why they can't carry a loan/lease payment on their own. But when I see parents perpetuating bad behavior by constantly bailing out their irresponsible children? EW. Cut the cord, people. 24 is too old to be living off of mommy, especially if she's adult enough to have a boyfriend and be playing house.

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When I was 22 and got my first apartment, I was told that I wasn't allowed to have parents co-sign for me (unless they also lived in the apartment). Luckily I had already been working, and had some established credit with a car lease and credit cards. Too bad that wasn't the case here.

Thankfully my DH won't co-sign anything for SD23. She has a credit card of BM's, and we both think that's a BAD idea. He is willing to help her with her share of a security deposit, but that's the most he will do. He won't see that money ever again.

I hope your DW has the funds to pay for the apartment, or the luxury to have her credit rating trashed... Sad

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Do you think they lied about him "failing" the entrance exam?? Did the kid graduate from high school? I find it hard to believe that ANYONE could fail an entrance exam and be denied entrance to a community college that normally is MORE than happy to take people's money??

I have a feeling this is all a lie, to play at your DW heart strings and put on the appearance that they are "trying" to do something. I would bet money that come December they STILL won't have any money for rent, or will have been evicted before then.

Your DW is like a fish with a giant mouth, just waiting in the water to swallow that hook, line, sinker.. hell the whole damn pole and STILL after all the crap that this girl has pulled! I just don't get it!

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That kid doesn't need a job. He needs a swift kick in the pants. Uncle Sam has some good boots for that. Of course the kid would have to learn how to shine them first.