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I hate my Step-Demon (Daughter)

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So from my last blog post, we have been taking care of the grandkids now for 3 weeks. We are giving SD25 until Sept 5th to get her sh*t together and have her own place, or the temporary custody becomes permanent. It's been really stressful these last few weeks. We're often so tired and busy each night that we hardly have time to talk to one another. Not to mention we've only had sex once in the past three weeks since we're usually so tired due to a lack of sleep. (One of the kids is a 5 month old infant who wakes up at least twice a night).

Step-demon Returns in Style

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Sorry this is going to be a long one...

On my previous blog, we left it off at my SD being pregnant and her boyfriend broke up with her. That apartment DW co-signed for? Of course now there's a $400 judgement on DW's credit because of the eviction. So we let SD25 move in (again) back in November. The boyfriend found a job, so we agreed that when the baby is born he could stay there since he was working.

Step-Monster is Back

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So my SD24 and her bf got in an argument about him not looking for work. They live 2 hours away, and she's always telling him to "Get Out" whenever they get into an argument, so on Monday he actually packed up his stuff left. Not to mention that her dumb ass is 2 months pregnant by him, plus the 5 year old she already has. Of course when he left she calls DW freaking out talking about how she doesn't know how she's going to do it on her own...blah blah blah. She's too lazy to get a job as well. The boyfriend moved back here to our area, and lives a 5 minute drive away.

SD24's Boyfriend is an Idiot

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So my DW was silly enough to co-sign for SD24 and her boyfriend's apartment.

They just moved in August. Of course it's September, and they can't pay their rent because the bf is too damn lazy to get a job. So their plan was for him to go to school, and use their student loan refunds to pay the rent.

Dumbass Strikes Again!

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I finally thought things were good. SD24 had just moved into an apartment with her boyfriend and son that is 2 hours away. Last week we just got back from a fantastic clothing-optional vacation in Mexico. Life was good.

Last night we find out that SD24 is pregnant.


Selfish Part II

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Thanks for all of your opinions and thoughts on my previous blog post. I know I was being selfish and I really couldn't figure out why I was feeling that way, as I'm normally not a selfish person.

Feeling Selfish

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So today is our anniversary, and on Sunday it's my birthday. We had a pretty good weekend planned. I have flowers being delivered to her job today, and tomorrow we were planning on hitting the nude beach with some friends, and then having a small cookout at our house. On Saturday, she had actually planned to surprise me for my birthday with a nude massage from herself and a female friend of ours.

Why Am I So Stupid???

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Why don't I listen to you guys?

Once SD24 was planning to move back here from Colorado, you all told me..."Don't even let her stay the night after her flight, she'll just find a way to stay."

Since her money got stolen, I agreed to let her and the grandson stay for ONE week, and one week only. You all told me, so I definitely deserve a big "I told you so".