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All of My Stepdaughters Now Date Felons

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So out of my four stepdaughters, there is one that I generally get along with. She's hard-working and never tries to pawn her son off on us. She's also been the most stable one out of the bunch. About 2 years ago she cheated on her husband, but they had been trying to work things out.

Faster forward 2 years and she has cheated on him a few more times, plus he found a meth pipe she was hiding in their son's closet. He has tried to get her to go to marriage counseling but she refuses to go. One of the guys she cheated with is also a former meth head. She would try to say he was only a friend, but both DW and I could tell it was more than just a friendship.

So she's been cheating again, and this time she's actually going to leave her husband to be with this other guy. Mind you she's only known this guy for a month, and he's been locked up before. The guy has DHS (Department of Human Services) in his life, so he can't even see his kids at the moment, and of course is a former drug user. She wanted to give her 30 day notice and asked if she could move in with us. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but we told her point blank that the piece of shit she's dating will not be welcome in our home. Of course now she's going to figure out a way to stay in her apartment.

It's official, all of my stepdaughters are retarded. I mean, you almost have to TRY and find as many losers as they're capable of finding. I just don't get it. Four daughters, and four ex-felons as boyfriends. Thanksgiving should be REAL interesting this year.


Oh and as a side note, one of the stepdaughters was going to pay us back $200 that she owed us. Instead of taking the $200 to the bank and depositing it herself like she normally does, she gave the money to her "former meth-head" boyfriend. We do not see a deposit in our account for $200, and of course the boyfriend has conveniently "misplaced" the receipt for the bank. When are my stepdaughters ever going to learn.


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The one who owed us the $200, surprisingly she seems to have straightened herself out. We never heard anything about drug use with her, she just has a very bad temper and can be extremely selfish. She's now going to school full-time and working part-time. The last time her bf went to jail was a year ago...and of course he always swears he is "clean". My stepdaughter is just too damned gullible.

I wish I could sit all of my SD's down and ask them why they all have such crappy self-esteem? Any woman worth a damn wouldn't date half of the guys they end up with.