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Drugs to deal with stress and/or Depression

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Any other step-parents out there that have had to resort to taking anti-depressants or other drugs to deal with the constant drama/stress of dealing with your SKIDS? I started taking Prozac about a month ago and it does seem to be helping some with my constant irritability.


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My DH finally saw our doctor about his depression. He's been on prozac for a few months and it's really helped him. No skids for him, but one doozy of a teenage daughter and his crazy ex Uberskank.

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I should follow this up with DH has a family history of severe depression on his mother's side. He felt he could just brush everything off. I have been asking him for nearly three years to get some help and his reply was always "I don't need help, I think you're the one that needs help and you're trying to make it all about me."

Now he's taking meds and getting counseling.

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I went on high blood pressure meds. It does run in my family but I never had any problems until dealing with BM crap.

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I started having to take high blood pressure meds as well once I became a step-parent...LOL.

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High blood pressure and irritability are also signs of depression. DH had these symptoms, and it showed with frequent temper tantrums and being a huge dick in general.

When he saw the doc, his BP was 160/100. After a month on prozac it went down to 138/90.

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I have been told by DHthat he thinks I should be on something because of the way I go bat-shit crazy about the situation sometimes, but no I am not. I too drink lots of wine though.

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Yes Skids (mainly SD) drives me to need medication. I resorted to booze which is not the way to go, but I can't take just any anti depressant. SSRI's make me violent and I have manic depression. Skids now reside with their BM again and that has been the best drug ever for DH and myself. If I had to do it again, I would take up a hobby or find another alternative to get away from it all a few times a week. Not sure how bc you can't leave my SD alone and mt DH has to work long days. We would have to get a babysitter, my DH can't even take but so much of his own daughter..SHE IS A PILL!!!!

Glad you found a medication that helps you, do you feel like its enough or maybe the Prozac isn't cutting it? One thing I learned from taking pills, if you been on that particular medication (at least for me) does not work the same when/if you are put back on it. I hope you are going through a psychiatrist when it comes to taking head pills. As bad as it may sound, I didn't want to be medicated due to the stress of Skids bc I didn't want to burn up my resources should I have needed it down the road.

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I was really skeptical about the Prozac at first, but at really does seem to be working okay. I think it was either that or I was gonna have to start smoking weed.

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IMO if had to resort to taking prescription pills or excessive booze to deal with SK shit – I’d be O-U-T!! Not trying to sound selfish or facetious but for me it would be a self-respect thing. I just couldn’t do it.

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You got that right!!! I don't think I couldn't handle it again. I really thought I could the first time and I was wrong! What kept me going is that my DH is worth it and is supportive.

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I've been prescribed several different types of anti-depressants, it was my then general practictioner's way of not dealing with the real medical issues I had going on. To be honest, it scared me to take those pills since one of the side effects was the possibility of increased suicidal feelings and I told my doctor that. My sister was taking prozac back in 1993 when she committed suicide.
Changed my doctor and he actually helped with the real medical issue, problems resulting from a fractured back from a car accident when I was 19.
More recently though, I was taking an anti-anxiety pill for about 8 months after my son died back in Feb. 2012. It seemed like the right thing to do but now I realize all it did was numb my feelings and once I decided I wanted to go off them, it seemed like all the feelings came rushing forth quickly.
Personally, I hate taking pills but as you get older it just seems inevitable.
As far as coping with the adult steps, I just have as little to do with them as possible. I give everyone a chance at first but you know that saying...Trick me once, shame on you? Well I changed it just a little...trick me twice, you won't even get the chance!

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I don't have depression, but I do have anxiety. Low dose anxiety meds have helped tremendously. I had the anxiety long before bf and I met, but it does seem as though the situation sometimes makes it worse.

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I'm right there with you. Going to individual therapy, marriage counseling, and on Prozac with some occasional drinking.'s picture

I wish I was on meds, I see a therapist who tells me he doesn't think I need it- ummm he's probley right but it would be a lot easier to deal with shit if I wasn't angry and had a shit load of resentment built up. Somethin to take the edge off

alcohol it is

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Effexor, welbutrin changed to Vybriid, and a lot of midnight Jager! Oh, and I didn't need a shrink until after sd was living with us for a yr.

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Yes. Two months ago (I've been married less than one year), I started taking an SSRI for depressiona and Xanax for panic attacks. I have to admit that they do help some.

I managed to live 40 years without needing to take this kind of stuff, but now I do need it. Can't think of any other big change in my life that would precipitate that.

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I probably had a very mild case of depression before I became a step-parent. Since I've had to deal with my SKIDs from hell I found myself angry all the time over the slightest thing. I wanted to just drink and become numb to it all. I'm glad the drugs are helping you.

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NEVER TAKE EFFEXOR, I still have brain shocks from that medication...Been off it going on 7 years now! No joke

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I think Effexor is a very dangerous med. My former supervisor had and was taking meds for ADHD, depression and anxiety. Then they gave her Effexor, even though she's an alcoholic. She was also a disorganized basket-case, and often ran out of her Effexor and didn't get refills for a day or two. That stuff goes right to your brain (not into your blood like regular anti-depressants) and it will eff you up if you skip one dose.

I cannot tell you the number of times I found my boss in a stall in the ladies room, pupils dilated, chewing on her nails, staring blankly and unresponsive. Holy crap.

The only thing that snapped her out of it was telling her I was going to call her husband.

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I started taking Cymbalta about 5 weeks ago due to severe anxiety and terrible chronic pain from Fibromyalgia. I lost my job last year and have been looking ever since. But, I got SO sick about 2 months ago I had to stop looking. I did not want to resort to medication, but the pain was so bad.

Also, the adult skids are getting worse by the minute. If my DH ever caves and decides to start supporting them, I must be working, so I can be independent financially. That is a deal-breaker for me-no moving in and no support. So, I guess I am more concerned about the future than right now. These "kids" are seriously going to wind up homeless, and I hope DH can handle that. If he caves, at least I will be functioning. Cymbalta literally just started kicking in, but this is the most freedom from pain I have had in years. I also do not get as stressed. Unfortunately, it is causing major insomnia in me, which I hope subsides. I have barely slept, even with a prescription pill.

I do not advise that everyone takes an antidepressant, but in some cases, your quality of life will greatly improve. The problem is, it may take several tries to find the right one for you. I am kind of limited because of my illness, but so far, so good. I can get out of bed, it is great, and I just took a short-term temp job.

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Wellbutrin and when I need it I also take half a Xanax. My job doesn't help along with kids, skids, and a real moron for an ex.

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Zoloft and the occasional Ativan. Can't miss a dose though, or my head buzzes like crazy and I get PMS irritable times a thousand lol

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I wanted to start taking xanax again because I was so anxious and upset when FFIL and FMIL went CRAZY and brainwashed SS. FDH was against me medicating. Funny how I didn't need the xanax to deal with the aftermath of skid and his RAD lies and BS. It's perfectly normal IMHO to need some type of mood stabilizer or enhancer to deal with these crazy lunatics.

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Only downside to Prozac I can see so far is it seems to have effected my sex drive some. Not in a major way but I have definitely taken notice of it. So I'm asking myself if being less irritated is worth losing some of my sex drive. Hmmm, I think I may start weaning myself off of the drug pretty soon.... }:)