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Just Checked Out Sister Wives.....

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Second wife said if Wife number One and Wife Number Two are having problems, GET A THIRD LOL.....




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It's too bad they don't do a show about poly people that are happy, and a dynamic that isn't one man and several women, all of whom seem to be having drama of one kind or another.

I haven't seen Sister Wives yet, but it's really putting a negative spin on polyamory, and that's too bad. Poly really works for some people, and despite popular monogamous opinion, there are tons of benefits to children being raised in poly households.

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Oh, I didn't think it was a negative spin, seemed like one, big, happy family. Everyone had a role. I didn't see anyone sitting on the FRONT PORCH all day.

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I agree though I want to see one with just one wife and several men!!! LOL

I also want to see where it is a joint choice with the women and they all agree or it doesn't happen. I can tell from what I have seen so far that the Kody is pursuing this last woman and some of the their wives don;t like it as much. To me it should be a relationship with all parties involved and not one person should make all the choices. If one or more is not comfortable than it shouldn't happen. I'm all for freedom to do what you want but I also think that if you not comfortable you shouldn't be expected to put up with it.

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I agree 100%. In our house the phrase is "the NO wins". If one of us doesn't want something going down, from a major financial decision to instituting a new house rule or setting a tradition...really anything that affects just doesn't happen. We sit down, we chat, and if someone is unhappy, it isn't worth the tension and stress in the house.

Who could even enjoy having a new love in your life if it hurt one of the people you so deeply treasure already?

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I watched in awe.

Someone else to pay attention to him so I can have a life of my own...HALLELUJAH!!! I'm going to start building the addition yesterday!

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I thought it was gross and as if three wasnt enough he was courting a third in the episode I saw! Eeeeeek! Smile