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skid fading from my life

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SD13 barely says an original thought during her two weekend visits a month at our house. She barely says anything at all. And it is wonderful. 

It is like I don’t even have a SD anymore. That’s DH’s daughter, and that’s it. DS is referred to as “her little brother”, but I’m not even worried anymore about her being a bad influence because my DS is smart and I’m wise to who SS13 is slowly becoming.

I don’t go to her extracurriculars (what few there are). 

I don’t make much conversation beyond polite small talk. 

I don’t take her places (ever!) or spend a red cent on her. 

It’s an AMAZING feeling. It’s like I’ve been erased. I’m DS’s mom and DH’s wife. I’m nothing to SD.


So this is what disengagement gets ya!


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Yikes, Hon,

Let's just hope that she finishes fading before she's managed to completely wipe out your jewelry collection. It might be a good idea to photograph what remains since it's difficult to remember what one owns until one realizes that it's nowhere to be found. 



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I don’t have much to begin with so that is lucky. My grandmother’s rings were given back to my mother for safekeeping. 

I do want to get nanny cams once we can afford it. Maybe this spring. At least then I’ll have proof to keep around to show my DS someday when SD13 is much older and more like her BM. I can picture her trying to manipulate DS someday.

I’m not interested in trying to correct SD13’s behavior. She IS a thief. She is encouraged to be a liar and a thief. She has been raised to be this way.