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The things you can find out with a little bit of internet research

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In my prior blog posts, I talked about the court process between my SO and his now ex-wife and their 2 sons. My SO has them full time, she gets the first 6 weeks of summer vacation. Since the court date in October, she has called to talk to them only 2-3 times, and have sent them a package twice. Nothing for christmas, but she did send stuff for st patricks day and valentines day.

Well last night, I decided to do some digging. I had her address (she was renting a house) from the court records, and decided to search for it on google. What did I find? That the house she was living in was put up for sale by owner back in february(has since been delisted). But the pictures of the house made it look completely empty, like noone was living there. She may still be living there, but it looks unlikely. Since I now had some pictures of the house she was renting, I compared them to the pictures on her boyfriends facebook where he mentions living with her as a caption. Surprise, they are two completely different houses. So, she either moved in with her boyfriend and his sister, or they got their own place.

In a letter she sent the boys, she also said that she got rid of her truck and now has a mazda. Another surprise, her BOYFRIEND bought a used Mazda back in january. Do they both have mazdas now, or is the one she was referring to actually the boyfriends Mazda?

If she is no longer renting a house (by herself), and especially if she is just living with her boyfriend and his sister, where is all her money going now? It hasn't been going to child support, she hasn't paid a dime since the court ruling.

My SO is going to contact out states child support office (which he already set up to collect child support) and see what they can do about directly taking the money from her VA disability checks, or from her checking account right after it gets deposited.

With her not updating my SO of her address change, SO's lawyer will probably say he doesn't have to let them go with her this summer (especially since she cut her old phone off the day after the court proceedings and hasn't given him her new number yet, if she even has one). If she has a problem with that, she can go back to court.

His other option is to just take it back to court now to deal with the child support not being paid, and legally taking away her visitation, or giving her more requirements if she does take them (must provide address, phone number, tell him by June 1st whether she is taking them or not, etc.).


We also have good news: SO put an offer in to buy a house and it was accepted. Passed inspection (still waiting on radon and well water test). Final step is for the VA mortgage appraisal to pass. Closing date is set for May 11. We will be moving in the Saturday after the kids are done school June 15th. Hopefully she doesnt show up that saturday so the kids can at least enjoy their new home for a couple days first.

SO's lawyer says he has to tell her where he is now living. I really dont want her to know where I live, but if he could get in trouble with the courts for not telling her, then I guess he should (unlike her not telling him anything about moving).


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So she gets 6 weeks a year and that's it?  No rotating holidays or anything?  Did she have a drug issue or something?  She sounds like a piece of garbage and sounds like skids are better off with you.  If I were your DH, I'd get going on revising CO so there will be no issues once her 6 weeks rolls around. 


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Forgot to mention, she gets part of christmas break. Unfortunatly, out county (and new county) did away with spring break last year, so that wasn't even an option. But, she didnt take her part of christmas break in december. It was also confusing, every year it switches who has them for what part of the holiday, with the switch day being on Dec 27. This past december, she would have been able to keep them from dec 27th until January 3rd. Funny thing is, they had to go back to school on the 2nd so she wouldnt have gotten the full week. She was told she could take them to her state during her visitation, and my SO would have to make the arrangments to get them back. Well to get them back for the first school day, it would have been cutting into her time by 2 days. If it goes back to court, this issue also needs to be addressed as well.

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SO's lawyer says he has to tell her where he is now living. I really dont want her to know where I live, but if he could get in trouble with the courts for not telling her, then I guess he should (unlike her not telling him anything about moving).

I wouldn't worry too much. He has to send the info to the address he has. If she has moved and not forwarded her mail or told him, it's her problem not his. If he sends it signature required, he's got proof he sent it.

...and see what they can do about directly taking the money from her VA disability checks, 

If she is getting VA disability checks, is she also getting dependent benefits for the kids. If so ask if the benefits can be sent to the custodial parent (if the custodial parent can be the representative payee).


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She has sent packages with the return address of a PO box, would he need to mail it to that address, or just the last address on file with the courts?


She does get a slightly increased monthly payment for having 2 kids, as does my SO. Not sure how much it is.

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The only think I might say about that real estate listing is that the photos may not have been current.  They could have been taken some time in the past when no one lived there.  Not saying this is what happened.. but it's a possibility.  Zillow will also hold on to old pictures.. We own a home and the old pictures are still attached to the house listing.

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yes, we bought our house 7 years ago and if you look it up on Zillow it has the picture of when the house was originally listed for sale.  So pics are 7 or 8 years old and have stuff belonging to previous owners in the pics.

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True, but I looked at the pictures months ago before it was relisted, and the pictures were different. Also found a current listing that still had the old pictures.. The house is on a lake, and the old pictures had the pier up, and in the new pictures it is broken up on the back lawn. Some of the pictures even had "for sale by owner" sign in the window.

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If you download the photos you might be able to tell when they were taken. Save the images then view file details in your file browser (like Windows Explorer).