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OMG, if I cared enough I would be seeing red

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So I hear DH on the phone yesterday with somebody and I can tell they are chastising him, and he's being all apologetic. He is NOT like that. So I listen closer, somehow is chastising him about his mother being ill (in the hospital) and him not going to see her. We have talked about going to see her several times, but every time he calls she says she's not up for visitors, and we don't want to stress her out.

DH is explaining this but still defending himself. It is SD21! What ... the ... hell. She hasn't been to see her grandparents since DH paid her to come down here about a year ago, paid for her hotel room for several days, and she graced them with a whopping less than four hours of her presence before going to bars, casinos and strip clubs for the rest of the trip. My in-laws even told me the visit was awkward because she basically sat in their house but didn't interact with them.

I cannot BELIEVE he would let SD21 chastise him that way! He was all apologetic and telling her he'd do what she said (call his mother) right away, and as soon as he got off the phone with SD21 he called them. I just find it SO unattractive that he would let her chastise him and then do what she says. Who in the hell does she think she is? And why in the hell would he let her act that way? Baffled.