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My MIL is more awesome than your MIL

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And SD21 is a fool.

MIL is sick and in the hospital, but she's been ill for as long as I've known here (15 years), so this is not an unusual occurrence and she is not at death's door. Well, DH and I go see her regularly (about every other month or every six weeks) and we have been to the hospital to visit her, then the nursing home where she was staying, now back to the hospital. We visited her on Mother's Day.

I was seeing MIL today and the subject of SD21 came up, MIL is very disappointed in some of her grandchildren (SD21 included). So I said, "I haven't talked to her in several years, just so you know." I was kind of apologizing because I know that is MIL's flesh and blood and she was like, "Don't worry about it. I don't blame you." And she was totally supportive of me, given all SD21 has put me through. I love that woman!

So then MIL tells me SD21 has been calling her. SD21 is telling MIL she "wants" to come visit her. So, what's stopping her? SD is 21, has a car, has money from DH whenever she wants, is out of school for the summer. She could come if she "wanted" to. She just wants to sound good without putting in any of the work.

The icing on the cake? SD21 told MIL that it was DH's fault MIL was sick. :jawdrop: She has a chronic condition she likely has had since DH's childhood. She has received good care, DH had absolutely nothing to do with her getting sick. SD21 told MIL that DH wasn't taking good enough care of MIL. What ... the ... hell. SD21 could come down and "take care of" MIL at any time, but here she is blaming DH? What a brat.


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So along with being a user and an entitled brat, she also throws her gravy train under the bus to his own MOTHER?? Not very bright.

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Oh, it's OK, DH will just say that MIL misunderstood. Denial runs very deep in his brain. I honestly think SD21 could run me over with a Mac truck and somehow in DH's mind it would end up being not her fault.