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How trashy is this?

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OK, timeline:

SD19 started dating BF26 three months ago. BF26 has six kids with (as far as I can tell) three women. One of these kids is an infant (under a year old).

A couple of days ago BF posted a message from SD19 talking about baby names she likes. I freaked (quietly, of course).

Yesterday BF posted about how he hates his life.

SD19 posted today about seeing four people she knows at the OB/GYN and how it is a "baby boom."

How trashy is it to be 19 and pregnant by a guy you've only known three months who has six other kids? And who will be on to the next woman likely before this baby is even born?


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It's hard to tell. I kind of wonder if she is baiting people, as she is a total attention whore. ANY attention is better than no attention, even if it's negative. She's been that way since she was a child. I have decided to just let go. If she is, she is, nothing I can do about it.

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SS posted something on FB like "call me today, I'll be gone tomorrow" to see if anyone would bite. No one did. So the next day he had to post "Doesn't anyone care about me?" One response - from a guy wanting to buy some weed.

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sd always posted vague crap to get people to ask her what was wrong. i never did. but the ones who did ask, she would say "i dont' want to talk about it." wtf? then why the hell are you posting about "it" all over fb, dumb ass?

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That is really trashy. You are not alone though. My Sd got pregnant at fifteen in the high school bathroom. The father of the baby is in jail for selling drugs now.

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He would NEVER do that. Flat out. He's always been a "how she is is just how she is" kind of person. Wouldn't dream of trying to "change" or "control" her. Gasp!

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Sorry, but I don't think this guy is going to leave her. IF he's a user, he has lucked up on two willing victims~ your SD and your husband.

Most users won't walk away from easy money.

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Well, he "says" she's on BC, but BC doesn't protect against STDs and who knows if she actually takes it regularly.