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O/T . . . Way O/T - I hurt!

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I'm not sure if I ever talked about the fact that my pregnancy was not a good one. My first was high risk the entire pregnancy, and my second was high risk all of the first and most of the second trimester. *Prior* to getting pregnant, I was in very good physical shape. I really love working out (except cardio; I hate cardio). Because of being high risk, I couldn't work out, and then when I wasn't anymore, my OB/GYN told me not to b/c it's not good for the baby for my heart rate to go above 140 (it was 90 resting during my pregnancy). And after she was born, I had to wait until I was healed from a C-sect.

*Now* I can work out again (started the Mon. before last). Began with just power walking and felt that was fine and I could defnintely push myself harder, so started jogging/walking 3 mi. in the morning. Well, my jogging stroller got a flat Wed. morning while I still had 1/3 of a mi. left of my workout, so yesterday, I started in with muscle failure. OH MY GOD! How out of shape am I? I could only do 50 push ups (not in a row, either), same for sit-ups. In fact, almost everything was *way* harder than I remember it being. Iron Mikes/lunges being the exception. I expected soreness, and by the end of the day yesterday, I was a little sore. This morning, I woke up so tight my DH had to help me out of bed! My whole body aches. And I have crap to do today, too. *sigh* I'm so not looking forward to today. Sad