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How is it SD20 always manages to land on her feet?!

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I swear that girl leads a charmed life. I couldn't begin to tell you all the issues and problems she has, but she is a nursing major (third year of a five- or six-year college career) and just got a job in the healthcare field.

This should NOT have happened! Let me explain just some of why. SD did have a job at a nursing home a couple of years ago but got let go. Since then she has had at least four other jobs, none longer than a few months. So not a great work history. SD is a functioning alcoholic, has been drinking since she was 13, posts about it all the time on social media, has been ticketed for underage drinking. She also abuses both illegal and prescription drugs and has offered to sell/trade her illegally obtained prescription drugs on social media. She is barely hanging onto a 2.0 GPA and takes the minimum credits every semester. Are you really telling me there were no more qualified candidates for this position?

I am just baffled. Here I was telling DH SD would never get a job in the healthcare field with her crappy grades and poor work ethic. Now I'm sure he thinks I was just a bitch, and SD comes out smelling like a rose. How does this happen?!


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With all the drugs and drinking this chick's involved with, I sure wouldn't want her taking care of my loved one! Apparently this place has a ...lenient hiring policy.

Karma always gets who it comes to collect, and I'm sure SD will sabotage herself in no time. She'll probably get caught stealing prescription drugs or something similar and there ends her health care career. Which is fortunate for the rest of us!

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I'm surprised the place didn't drug test, although SD might have known about that in advance, and do they screen for prescription drugs? I'm sure this job is going to put her in a position to feed her habit (prescription drug abuse) even more.

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My SD is the same way, always seem to come out better than before. Of course, she's not in the healthcare friend. Scary stuff but like everyone tells me with my SD, just be patient, her time will come and the lessons will be hard.