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Life Back Part 2

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Ew, so i'm cleaning up the 17 x 15 room that ss17 used as his "evil lair" and came across a jar of liquid with cigarrette butts in it....ewwww. there were frosted mini wheats, captain crunch and pretzels like crushed in the carpet.

so today, i powered up the old phone that he had used, i thought maybe my grandma could use of our many cell lines...anyway, it had all these SICK texts between ss17 and his 14 yo girlfriend about how she didn't try hard enough to make him happy and how she should appreciate everything he did for was soooo psycho.

anyway...ss17 went on a spending spree and spent $75 downloading crap on his phone this month. I can't wait until he goes to play his stupid games and they don't work anymore....and those ringtones he loves so much.....GONE!!!
it's called purchase blocker PUNK!! hahhaha, I LOVE MYSELF. after all the b.s. that kid has caused, i can get a small victory out of this little act.

i'm so glad you people understand what i went the way 112 days until ss17 turns 18!!! we still have a balance of 14K from the damn attorney general who SCREWED US ROYALLY. after june, the $1200 will go to paying the whore the 14K.

sooo... i am waiting until april 14th at 11:59 to file our taxes so the nasty schizo can't get her money for an additional 180 days. she'd just use it to sue us for more money if she had it...or on mary jane...probably the later.

thanks for listening!!!!!!!!!!!! i totally appreciate it!!!

ew, renee, i can only imagine how nasty ss17s room smells. i think i can smell it from here!

crayon,....gum, chocolate, poop and pee.....ewwwwwwww! skids are sooo disgusting!


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ddakan...112 days!!! You must be SO excited!!!

Gotta LOVE the sound of a countdown clock with only 112 days left on it!!!! Whoo hoo!!! FREEDOM!

Just think, the $1200/mo. will pay off the $14K in a year!!! I know, I know, it probably burns you up that there are "arrears" in the FIRST PLACE. I get it, I really do. Just try to think "big picture" here if you can. If I knew that we only had 1.5 more years left of massive CS$$ payments to the leech BM, I would be doing a HAPPY DANCE!!!

***Milomom jumping up in the air and clicking her heels together for ddakan***

By the middle of next year, your BM's "gravy train" will have reached its FINAL STOP - LOSERVILLE!!

Does she have any plan of what she will do once the $1200/mo. ends? Does she work? Does she own a home?

Think about how happy you will be that very first month that the $1200 will NOT have to be sent to HER!!! The look on her face when she realizes...GAME OVER!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Hang in there, ddakan, hang in there...

P.S. Didn't I read somewhere that the IRS is extending the usual April 15th due date for tax returns to be filed, until Monday, April 18th this year?!?! I can't remember why, though :? :? You may want to look into that...just sayin'! Wink Wink

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Yay milomom, i'll have to check into that 18th thing!! 3 extra days is music to my ears!!