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It builds up over time and it creates insanity in our relationships. It makes us get so upset that we start having all kinds of problems. It's good that we can come and get it out, deal with our feelings and move on.

Since yall have helped me deal with so much, I have been able to move to the next phase and deal with my alcohol problem. I have discovered intherooms, a support site for people with addiction problems. Anyway...I'm sober and I'm loving it.

If you ever need support, let me know Smile Stepping was stressful and the stress led me to overuse alcohol to the point of destruction. I feel so much better now Smile

Thanks everyone!!


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You are absolutely right about resentment and how it creates even more issues in relationships. This is something I am trying really hard to overcome right now. Thankfully I don't have any addictions (at least not right now!) but I do have other things that trouble me and I agree with you, since I came here I feel that there is a lot of support available and even that makes things a little more peaceful for me. I am typically a laid back, happy-go-lucky person but since I got involved with this situation my attitude at times has been terrible. I've never felt so negative towards other people and I have never been so judgemental. I'm trying really hard to get back to where I was with my tolerance of all individuals. It's gotten to the point where I was out yesterday doing some errands and I got so angry while driving that I had to turn around and go home because my attitude toward other people who were doing nothing wrong was HORRIBLE. I don't like this and I am working so hard to overcome it. I need to do some meditation or something...I have found that working out helps as well so I'm planning to do more of that.

Thank you for your post...resentment is such a terrible, destructive feeling, kind of like jealousy and it's nice to see that other people have worked on this and were able to get past things that are hurtful. Fantastic that you are overcoming your alcoholism...good for you, that makes you a very strong person, you have a lot to be proud of Smile

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Congrats on being sober ddakan! I hope this path leads to happiness and great health for you Smile

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Glad to hear that you're taking better care of YOU! You're right on target about resentments. No matter how hard we try to keep them from developing, they have a way of making their presence known. Wink

Keep hanging in there! Smile