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omg ss17 is texting me

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i was banned from ever communicating with him again and he starts texting me about his phone and some ringtones. then he calls me about it and was really nice. i'm, his dad said he hated my guts.

sometimes i think dh just wants me to feel bad for no good reason. i was nothing but nice to ss17 when he lived here and there was no reason for dh to be an asshole like was and make me feel bad for everything that happened.

days like this i want to walk away and never come back.


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Take this as a victory, however small. You made him happy and he made you happy. Just enjoy the moment, don't reflect on the past issues. Move forward and look forward.

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True, I guess I can look at it this way. I don't like to be hated, so it's good that he was friendly to me.

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wow, that would be great....i'm not about holding grudges, i just want to live in peace. i love to hear stories that work out good, it makes me think that mine could eventually work out good too.

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EXACTLY!!! They are the crazy ones! My ss17 is just like BM, nice when he wants something.