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I REALLY didn't think SS17 could get any worse....

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SS17 started a fight with the OH last night....actually went to punch his dad!......OH had to pin him to the floor to stop him.....SS17 threatened to stab OH and everything....apparently SS17 said some vile things, and I know SS17 has said things about my unborn baby....OH wont tell me......didnt think this could get any lost cause Sad


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I think you need to tell dh either he gets ss intense anger management classes and counseling or you're moving out. Or maybe dh should press charges on this kid so a judge can order him to get anger management classes and counseling.

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Thanks all.....SS17 doesnt live with us after he smashed the house up...he caused well over £400 worth of damage to the plasterwork. This started a few months ago, although it was on and though, its all the time! It started with a text about 6 weeks ago that said "oh, now I know why I cant come to yours, its cos StressedStep wont have me there!"...Ive NEVER said that, even though I have felt it ive never voiced it apart from on here...but Ive a feeling that this is SS19 that has caused this if Im honest. Also, during a row with his BM about 3 months ago, OH asked SS17 (without my knowledge and after the damage had been caused at home) if he wanted to stay at ours and SS17 said No!

OH wont tell me what was said exactly, only that it was vile. He was visibly upset, to the point of shedding tears. Ultimately I think he understands that if I know, it will upset me, and that I will protect my BD6 and this baby.......SS17 is not a Bio to me, therefore forgiveness will not be an option, so maybe he is protecting us both?

Im lucky in the sense that my home, really is quite secure and that on approaching my home, there is a lot of visibility for me to see and for others to see me if something was to happen. I think SS17 has said things more along the line of "I hope it dies" or wished it bad health or disability and such things like that rather than causing the harm physically.