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Thank yous

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I was just talking with my mom today and earlier this month she gave DH a card with a cash gift for SD for her bday.  SD never reached out to my mom or my dad to tell them thank you for the gift.  No text message, phone call or thank you card.  I didn't expect her to mail a thank you card but I did expect her to pick up the phone and call and say thank you or at least text them.  

I guess I can believe it but I just don't understand how rude she can be.  My parents gave a gift out of the goodness of their heart. My parents aren't rich by no means and actually sometimes struggle to make ends meet but yet they thought enough of her to send her a cash gift.  Well in the long run she screwed herself by not saying thank you b/c of this my parents are not giving her a Christmas gift and said no more future bday gifts for her.  



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 expect her to pick up the phone and call and say thank you or at least text them"

Time to lower your expectation down to Marianas Trench level and time for your parents to stop giving gifts to the heathen skid.

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Glad that your parents will no longer give her any gifts in the future. It was very kind of them to do so and these kids can be so ungrateful. It's ashame that SD can be so thoughtless and not be able to take a minute of her day to say "thank you"...

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I convinced my father to no longer worry about getting gifts for the adult ( haha ha ha ) skids a few years ago since they never took the time to show any amount of appreciation.

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Good for your parents! Honestly, it takes only a few minutes to call people and thank them.

Anyone want to bet if SD asks, "Why didn't step-grandparents give me a Christmas gift??"

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I'm sure she'll say something to DH and they'll both find out why.  And when they do it will become excuse after excuse.  Just like it was when she "forgot" my birthday.  

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OP, will your H say anything to SD about this? Or does another teachable moment fall into the abyss of craptastic parenting?

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He will only say something IF I said something.  However I'm not saying anything until after Christmas.  If I tell him now he will tell her to call my parents and then when she does my parents will feel obligated to give her a gift.

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He'll find out after Christmas and I'll let you know how it goes.  

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Yup, definitely time for your parents to stop gifting your SD. There's no way she can't find 5 minutes to pick up the phone to give them a call to say thank you, or at least a text. Most kids today are glued to their phones 24/7. This is why DH and I stopped gifting our one niece and nephew who live out of state. They never even would acknowledge that they would receive our gifts, much less thank us for them. (Neither did their parents). Entitlement at its finest. Our money and time now goes to the people who are appreciative!

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Too bad your SD is so rude. She is far from alone, sadly.

My own niece and nephew ever acknowledged any of my gifts -- holidays,birthdays, graduations, weddings. None ever, unless I as present when they opened the gift. Then I got the perfunctory thanks.  I kept sending them gifts because I am so close to my brother (their dad) and I didn't want to hurt HIS feelings. When the great niece and nephew came along, they added eye rolling to the lack of respect when the gift wasn't exactly as they wanted. I didn't need any more abuse in my life so finally stopped.