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SD Bday

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Well I stuck to my word finally.  I have been telling DH for years that I was done doing Christmas, bdays, Easter etc for SD.  I finally stuck to my word.  SD's bday came and went and I did nothing.  No party, no cake, no cooking, no presents.  SD's bday was on Saturday, MIL called on Sunday to tell us that we were all going to dinner to celebrate SD's bday.  DH went and got the card and stopped and got a gift card on the way to dinner.  SD got a $50 gift card this year.  That $50 gift card is nothing compared to years past.

I did things SD besides on Holidays.  I tried, I really tried.  Maybe just maybe when she has no presents to open on Christmas b/c DH only got her another gift card she'll realize just how much I did do for her.  



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But if she doesn't it's not your problem.  Good on you for disengaging!

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Same here, when I disengaged from Spawn and DH had to step up Spawn went from all the celebrations and presents to a gift card. One was for starbucks (her birthday) and the other was two tickets to a theme park won by DH that expired the day he gave them to her...ooops!

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Knowing how these stepkids work, she will probably say she prefers the gift card anyway. Don't get your hopes up that she will see what you've done for her - just use your spare time to focus on whatever makes you happy.

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When SD opened the gift card she said "oooohhhh gramma look a gift card.  I can get my nails done now" 

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I didn't do anything for SS's birthday this year. I let DH do it. I was pissed at how he was treating us. For Christmas the big gift to all 4 of our kids is a trip. However, the others are also getting some presents under the tree. SS is not getting anything else and if he decides not to come on the trip, then oh well. 

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Don't think she will ever acknowledge   your past efforts and now the obvious  absence of your hand in elevating her birthday , future  holidays or celebrations  .If anything she will let her father know that she is disappointed in his  anemic efforts and  probably use that to punish him.

BUT not your circus not your monkey!

That's on your DH.He was  part creator of the mess that is his skid.Let him see  his daughter in all her self absorbed glory.

You stay disengaged and if he   wants you to jump back in the  circus  and help him worship his pweshus pwincess you remind him that he created this "pwitty in pink "monster and he did nothing to fix the issues ,the disrespect when you were engaged.

Stay out of it.Congratulations in taking this step towards  maintaining  and preserving your sanity and self espect.

Liberating ,ain't it?


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How did your husband react to this? Your SD will be for once getting a gift from him but I'm sure she will think it's your fault it's so small compared to years past. Her father is father of the year for showing up! All the holidays get so much easier once you disengage and let the parent deal with their own kid. Treat people how they treat you.

I stopped doing bdays and christmas because SD10 doesn't even see us. She wouldnt talk to my husband on the whole week leading to her birthday. You'd this this was BM's doing but her training is complete and SD hates us on her own now. My husband used to get her extravagant gifts but he doesn't anymore. I'm sure she blames me for spending his money (I'm not) but it's her crappy attitude that shot herself in the foot. 

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DH never made mention to me about not doing anything.  I think he finally realizes I am at my witts end.  

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My DH just Amazons everything on the list. The skids make it easy so my disengaging only costs more $$ cuz I am awesome at finding deals and using coupons for Christmas shopping. Oh well. Im keeping my savings in tact.

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Part of the reason I used to buy stuff even when I said I wouldn't was because DH would tell me "I'll just take her shopping and I won't have a limit.  She can just get whatever she wants"  So I would go off SD's wishlist and buy her a few things just so DH wouldn't spend a fortune.