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Totally OT...

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I'm going to be 39 years old in a few weeks. Typically that is WAY too young for menopause, but not in my family. My sister is 42, and completely through it. My other sister is 46 and almost through. My mom was done by age 44.

I have been having the WORST periods. Not only do I pass (sorry) clots like you muther... they last 16 days on average. There isn't a lot of cramps or PMS coming along with it. Just like I would normally get, at the start of my cycle. But I am SICK TO DEATH of bleeding. Doc put me on BC to try to regulate... and that just gave me the mother of all infections. Never had one of those before now. :O Sad

I have made an appt with the Gyno, and am going to ask for an ablation. Has anyone else gotten one? I have one friend that did it and swears by it....?


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That's what my girlfriend said. It's not been that long since she had it done, but it's been several years. She said she still has PMS, but doesn't bleed. I could handle that, I think.

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No. I haven't talked to my Gyno yet, just my general practitioner. Thank you, I am making note of everyone's suggestions to ask about.

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I think my mom had this done and it did not work. She ended up with a hysterectomy. She unfortunately had a medical issue that can not be diagnosed without removing the uterus. She had the worst bleeding and the ablation did nothing for her as her medical problem was not going to be fixed with one.

I personally have never had one I would love one because my periods are hell with the pain and clotting too.

I am 31 and keep going to my doctor every few months complaining but they will not do much other than BC which I do not want to be on. It is pretty much because I am of child bearing years and they think I will want kids.

Hopefully all works out for you.

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My Mom had ablation and then slid painlessly into menopause, no hot flashes, no mood swings, just no more periods. She was in her 50's and hadn't started menopause yet.
My exSIL, just got an IUD and loves it. She'd been having terrible periods that lasted two weeks or more and made her so weak she couldn't get out of bed. She also had a stupid heavy flow, like fill a pad by simply standing up. She is late 40's and not menopausal yet. She hasn't shown any signs of menopause.

So, both options have worked for people I know, I think you need to discuss your options with your Dr.

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I've tried a few different. None of them stop the bleeding. And the most recent one caused an infection. Sad

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My Gyno wouldn't even consider ablation unless you have had a tubal. Luckily I had a tubal a few years before so I was all set.

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Oh, I don't think my doctor will have an issue. I'm almost 40 and have 2 kids that are in high school. He knows I don't want anymore... ever.

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i'm on steady birth control, havent had a cycle in almost ten years. i've looked into ablation, but i'm kind of afraid... i'm more thinking along the lines of "cut me open and gut me".

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I always say that, take it, I don't need or want it anymore... but then I am scared of surgery too. I wish the BC would have worked out. :/ I've tried it several times. Different brands, etc. The side effects have always outweighed the benefits for me.

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I will be 53 in a few days and can still have a baby. I was whining to a nurse recently at the doctor's office and she said her aunt was 57 when the baby factory finally closed.

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I am 48 and had ablation done 8 years ago and it was the BEST thing I ever did. I haven't had a cycle since the day I got it done.
I too had very heavy, clotty and lengthy cycles with the most horrible cramps. They got worse after I had my tubes tied.

Anyway...I also started going through menopause at an early age. I had the hormonal rages, horrible hot flashes and weight gain. These lasted for about 2-3 years. I THINK I am mostly through it now since my symptoms have pretty much resolved. But since I didn't have any menstrual cycles, it was hard to recognize if I was going through "the change" or not.

My BM kept telling me I was way too young to go through menopause but My body was telling me something totally different. She was in the mid-late 50's when she started through it. My Grandmother, however, was in her early-mid 40's when she started menopause. Each person is different.

However, I highly recommend the Ablation. I had already decided if my cycle ever returned (it was only supposed to last 5 years or so) then I would go get it done again immediately.

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I had the ablation procedure 5 years ago 39 yrs of age due to heavy flow for days and horrible pain. For the first year my periods were light, comparable to a first or second day spotting. But as time has gone by, my body is healing itself and periods are going back to what they were - painful although the flow is not quite as heavy as before but still lasting 5-7 days.

It works for some but not for others. I also know 2 women who also got pregnant after having an ablation - they were both in their 40's at the time too. So keep in mind you may still be fertile even with the procedure. Like everything else, it just depends on how your body will react to it.