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I was just curious, has anyone seen...

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I was just curious, has anyone seen the movie Stepmom with Ed Harris, Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon

Synopsis: Divorce is tough on everyone, even the new girlfriend. Isabel (Roberts) is dating Luke (Harris) and his ex (Sarandon) doesn't like it one bit. Roberts is working her way into Sarandon's children's hearts and Sarandon isn't about to let that happen.

Anna and Ben are the children.

Memorable Quotes:

Isabel: Why don't we name the puppy?
Anna Harrison: I know: Isabel.
Isabel: I beg your pardon?
Anna Harrison: Well, it kind of smells like you, and I'm allergic to you too, so it fits perfectly.

Ben Harrison: Mommy, if you want me to hate her I will.

There was a lot in this movie I could relate to and I’ve seen it many times.


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How hard she had it.. Yuck.. It almost makes me sad.. But you know I can so see my daughter being this way to her dad's GF because my daughter is not going to let another woman close to her but me. I have tried to talk to her, letting her know that its ok to love her and want to be around her, that I am ok with it but she insists no-way. I am sure her dad will call me and try to say that I am not helping when in all actuality I am. I think especially with girls its tougher to get that spot in there lives.. But I think once they are older and MATURE.. (Mature being the key word) things will be ok.. At least that is what I look forward too..
Anyways.. that movie was awesome..

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I think you have done all you can do and all your ex-husband can expect of you. You let your daughter know that it is ok to like the GF.

I only wish there were more moms like you…anytime I tried to do something nice for my BF’s daughter, her mom would get so angry that she would either call me or my BF just to say something about it.

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I love this movie! I have always thought of the line Isabel says to susan sarandon's character about sd's wedding...I'm just scared I will be fixing her hair, helping her with her dress and all she will be thinking is 'I wish my real mom was here'...then sarandon says to her...and I'm scared she won't!

This reminds me a lot of my relationship with my sd. I do everything for her as far as motherly tasks are concerned but I'm always so afraid she is thinking ...I wish my real mom was doing this for me...

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That is one of my favorite scenes in the movie, when both women show their vulnerability. That is when Jackie (Sarandon) finally reaches out to Isabel (Roberts).

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Watched that too, made me think of all the nasty things that biomom is telling SS about me behind my back.

-happy mom