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Stepmom, the movie

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Ok, I actually love this movie. I’ve seen it a million times, long before I had any inkling that someday I would be dealing with a batshit crazy version of Susan Sarandon. But I digress. The point: Last night it was on TV and I noticed a part I never paid attention to before- When Ed Harris is telling Julia Roberts he has to go away for the wknd for work, and says he will get a babysitter because he has his kids. Then Julia Roberts gets all hurt and pouty because he didn’t want to leave the kids alone with her over the wknd, and is all “you don’t trust me to be alone with skids!”, and he says it’s just that they’re a handful, but she can take skids if she really wants...and for some reason, she does. And this was when the skids were being little a*sholes to her! 

HA! I’m sorry, but Obviously whoever wrote this script was never actually a SM, because in real life the SM would have been like, yep, babysitter fo sho, then went on to live her best life shopping and drinking wine or Netflixing in her PJ’s, not at all sad that they didn’t have to spend the wknd babysitting his bratty kids when she even had to WORK part of the time! If your SO offers up a babysitter, you don’t look that gift horse in the mouth! FFS Julia Roberts!! 



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Fo Sho! 

I do love that movie though. The sad thing is I would be thrilled if I only had to deal with the cranky version of Susan Sarandon. I wish that was all I had to deal with! At least she and the dad handled the big stuff together and even when it was hard came together for the kids when they needed to. 

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Right! What I wouldn’t give for even Susan Sarandon at her crankiest, just as long as she didn’t die and leave me with skids full-time....

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i thought that movie was lovely too until i became a step mom. Too bad thats not how the real world works.

 BM had ovarian cancer and that bitch didn't die and if she did it would put her into martyrdom and make our life worse because it wouldnt be mommy abandoned us for her boyfriend, it would be mommy got cancer & died poor me poor me. She was a shit mom before cancer and a shit mom after

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Because... society tell all SM's that we should endeavour to be the mommy and that the daddy will only love us if we "love his kids as our own".. but of course.. as long as we stay narrowly in the lane that BF and BM have laid out.  We have to care.. but not toooo much. lol

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Exactly. And we must act even more perfect than they are allowed to act. The other night skids were being annoying and asking for us to buy them books- my SO said no, skids asked why and he was getting annoyed and arguing with them. I think SS was trying to be annoying honestly, he doesn’t even read. After a while I said “Well this is fun. I’m going to bed, goodnight!”, then went and snuggled one of the cats for a second before heading up to bed. My SO was IRRITATED at me because he could tell I had gotten annoyed at the situation, and he said I get annoyed at skids, blah blah. He was annoyed with them too!! But if I am annoyed at the very same situation and choose to politely remove myself, it’s not ok? It’s fine for parents to get annoyed, yell, and do as they please, but if we do it, “poor skids”! Even though I do not even have the same unconditional love for these kids he does. I told him he’s barking up the wrong tree if he thinks this is going to become a habit. I’m a human, kids are annoying. Ah, the double-standard.

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I actually hated this movie. Probably because I usually hate sad movies, but maybe its because I'm psychic and could feel what was coming in my future lol.

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I have never seen the movie.  I never had an interest even before becoming a SM.  

But, I am out of the norm.  I did volunteer to babysit one weekend when DH got called into work the last minute.  He sat the 3 of us down, went over his rules of conduct and all went fine.

Afterwards, he would ask me if I wanted to spend time with them since he was working or they could stay with DBDB.  I'd say 50/50 I would take them if I didn't have anything planned.  

But thats just me