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Have you seen the movie Stepmom with Julia Roberts?

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It's a really good movie. I think we can all relate to all the step drama in the movie. 
I wanted to share a clip of the movie. Basically the BM is upset at the Stepmom because she doesn't take care of the kids well since she's never been a mother. I love it when Julia Roberts (the stepmom) says: "maybe the problem is your spoiled daughter". Hahaha. Watch it. It's worth it. 

here's the link to the clip.

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I saw the movie back in the day.  There were many fantasy elements but one thing I remember is howJulia Roberts got roped in to all the transportation quickly.

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A good movie.  But... koombyah bullshit in the end.

The new spouse is so rarely ever family with the X that even Hollywood can't pull that fantasy off with any sense of credibility.

I am a big JR fan and enjoyed her films, up until Eat Pray Love when she played an adulterous whore glamorizing some bullshit journey to find herself.  I still like her work, other than EPL.


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That Stepmom movie. Geeze. Before entering this life, I liked the movie. Both characters in their way were sympathetic. Except more sympathy went to BIO mother (of course) in this movie. Perhaps they should call it "Every biomothers nightmare".

Wish that we could have a movie about stepparenting that would not be a combination of Damien, Play misty for me, Phycho and Childsplay.

Eat Pray Love - Just re-watched it, and although I love the whole concept of travel and loved the cinematography, I hated how she bailed on a dude who loved her, and the movie made HIM out to be the jerk (because otherwise the character is extremely unsympathetic).

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I would never have to worry about having such a conversation in BM's kitchen because the closest I have ever come to her kitchen is her driveway.  And I can count on one hand the number of times I've been in her driveway.