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OT - Anyone Else Have Problems Sleeping?

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I bounce between falling asleep but not staying asleep or just not being able to fall asleep in the first place.

Last night was a doozie I couldn't sleep, so I read for a while.

Finally fell asleep then SS20 came home, dogs were barking, ugh, up again.

Just get back to sleep and SS20 is banging around the kitchen making himself something to eat, it was after midnight.

Fall back asleep again and DH gets up to go to the bathroom.

Ugh I'm so tired today. It's not this bad every night but sleep is sacred and I feel like I'm getting less and less as I get older.

I've got a bedtime routine and on occasion, when desperate, will take a Tylenol PM but I don't want to rely on that.



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I take sleeping pills. I hate it. I still wake up at 3-4 am almost every night and fight getting back to sleep.

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I usually wake up at 4 a.m. too and forget getting back to sleep after that. Sad

I was up at 4 again this morning and didn't bother to mention it because it's becoming my new normal.


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Hi Betty Ray again lol,
Seems your topics lately i can relate too.
Typically, when i dont sleep well its because theres too much on my mind, given your unhappiness with SSs to a certain extent might play a role in your inability to sleep. Unless, you have had pre exisisting sleeping problems. Take a bath, try to relax at night time or burn yourself out during the day by going to the gym etc- become physically active.
Hope you get the sleep you deserve.

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Thanks thebrokenrecord... I walk during breaks and lunch at work. I also try to workout 3 nights a week after work. I do have a lot on my mind my job can be very stressful and add the Skids and sometimes it's too much.


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When I go to bed to early I wake up at 3am then toss and turn. Also when I go to bed with things heavily on my mind I will have night terrors that waken me. It’s good for me to try to dodge those types of people and the ones I can’t help I expect their behavior such as step kid.

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Yes, lately I have been having the same sleep problems. I can be very tired going to bed, but sometimes just can't fall asleep.
Other times I do fall asleep only to wake up several times. Never getting a solid sleep.

I'm thinking about trying Valerian Root capsules. I'm tempted to try Tylenol PM, but want to try something natural first.
I might also start drinking a Chamomile tea blend too.

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I'll check out valerian root. Tylenol PM works but the sleep just isn't the same. I wake up feeling somewhat foggy.


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I've had trouble sleeping since I had DD 12 years ago, not that I was a really great sleeper to start with... I wake up in the night and have trouble going to sleep.

Sometimes meditation will help. I haven't had a lot of success with melatonin, but I know others who have.

Stress does crazy things to the body.

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I have trouble with being tired during the day, but when night time rolls around I'm wide awake. Which leads to another tired day. Some people are nocturnal. Melatonin does help.

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I take valerian. You need about 4-600 mg for it to work. I take 2 x 200mg and I find it helps a lot.

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Unisom every nite. I started the not sleeping after my hysterectomy, then when we got skids full time it got worse.

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Yep - same here. I am a SUPER light sleeper, and when the skids are up at all hours of the night making noise, food, showering, etc, I basically get no sleep. I started taking melatonin and it does seem to help a bit, but I have really odd dreams. :?

Good luck!

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I took ORC sleeping pills until I found out that they can cause health problems. Now I use a relaxation app called Deep Sleep Hypnosis by Mindify. Knocks me out, it's free, and no nasty health problems. The narrator has the most awesome voice.

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Just downloaded the app, going to give it a try tonight. Thanks for the suggestion.