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houtxstepmom - thought of you last night

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I was pulling clothes out of the laundry sort bin to wash and pulled out a "special" gift from SS14.

Apparently he must have had an "accident" over the weekend and the evidence was ALL OVER his underwear. :sick: Thank G-d I noticed it before I grabbed it.

Now that I think about it when we were skiing on Saturday DH and I spotted SS14 running to the bathroom. DH asked SS14 later if he was feeling okay, SS14 said he was fine. I guess he didn't mind sitting in his own sh*t for the 3.5 hour ride home. :jawdrop: I'm so happy DH forced SS14 to take a shower that night.

So tonight when SS14 gets home there is a special "present" waiting for him, in a bucket, in his bedroom. (It was DH's idea to leave it in his room.) I see a 14 y.o. scrubbing his undies tonight Wink

I know this isn't anywhere near what you’re dealing with houtxstepmom, but I thought you'd get a kick out of it.



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Poor houtxstepmom, when anyone sees shit anymore, they think about her! Biggrin

Oh man, I'd just toss the undies if I were you! Especially since it was obviously an accident, it will just humiliate the poor kid to put them in his room. Maybe I'm being a softie, lol.

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You’re not being a softie at all. There's more to the story:

This has been an ongoing problem with SS14. He's been to numerous Dr.s and they have found nothing medically wrong with him. SS14 is the type of person that everything else is more important than going to the bathroom. Sometimes he doesn't make it on time.

SS14 knows he is to scrub out his underwear after an accident; DH has had this rule in place for a long time. It's not done to humiliate SS14. DH and I are more matter-of-fact about it as in there's a mess you made, so clean it up. In addition, we keep an extra pair of underwear for SS14 in the car - just in case - and SS14 knows this too.


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Oh, nevermind! I didn't realize this was ongoing. I take it all back!

At 14?!?!?!?!?! ew, clean up your shit.

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It hasn't happened at school in a very long time. But when it did SS14 wouldn't say anything. BUT you could sure smell him. I always found it odd that no teacher said anything or that the other kids didn't tease him. That was back when he was in 2nd & 3rd grade. I'd find the "evidence" in the hamper. At first I'd just tell DH and then scrub and wash the underwear myself.

But when SS14 got to be about 9 or 10 and was still having accidents DH decided to have SS14 clean up after himself. DH had me put the underwear aside and DH would supervise SS14 (then 9). DH would have SS14 shower too.

As soon as SS14 knew that he had to scrub his own underwear and shower, every time he had an "accident" the number of accidents - when he was with us - dropped dramatically. BM would complain to DH about SS14's accidents but wouldn't make him scrub his own underwear and shower.

So for awhile it got to be very little or no accidents when SS14 was with us and numerous accidents when he was with BM.


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I have to say that I thank god my ss doesn't do that because I would probably go to jail after about the fifth or sixth time it happen. Ya'll are amazing ladies.

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Thanks for the sympathy. I too never considered these "accidents" would continue on into the HS years.

Oh and I know all about clogged toilets too. SS14 has clogged every toilet in our home, our summer home and the in-law’s house. We actually own 4 different size plumbing snakes. Biggrin

A little advice - Buy the big blue bellows plunger and a drain cleaner called The Works. It's the only thing we've found that will clear the clog. DH will also wrap a rag or hand towel around the plunger to create a better vacuum seal. If it's really bad we dump The Works in and let it sit over night. That usually does the trick.


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My FSS12 clogs the toilet here all the time. I hate it!!! I make my FDH deal with it immediately. It is because BM feeds him fast food and junk all week long. Then he comes here and clogs our toilet. :sick: