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Christmas Vacation

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So the man-child (SS18) and tweener (SS14) are home alone today. They will have a full day of video games and Netflix, eating whatever they want.

I had to laugh last night as DH and I prepared for them being home alone today - we hid most of the junk food - Christmas cookies, snack size chips, pop-tarts, chocolate kisses etc. In previous years these two would eat all the junk food up leaving none for lunches. Also hid most of the paper plates as they will use a bag of 100 up in 2 days - taking a new plate every time they eat something.

We aren't total ogres though we did leave a bowl of Christmas cookies for them. The sad thing is it's not even SS14 that does this, it's SS18 who will gorge himself on junk food, especially the cookies. SS18 ate all the Andies candies cookies Christmas day. DH was so mad he made another batch while SS18 was at work on Saturday and hid them.

Last night DH was reminding them of the rules:

-Clean up after yourself.
-SS18 is not allowed to make SS14 do all the clean-up and dishes.
-No fighting over the PS.
-Don't be a dick to your brother.

So stupid to have to do this at their ages.



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SS18 got annoyed with the dogs whining outside his bedroom so he opened SS14's bedroom door and let the dogs trample SS14 in bed. We have 2 60 lb dogs-BTW. SS14 was pissed. SS18 went back to bed and slept till 3; SS14 got up and played video games.

SS18 did shovel the driveway so DH wasn't too mad.

They were nicely sugared up and fighting by the time I got home. You'd think they were 5 and 10 instead of 14 and 18, but whatever, they go to BMs today.


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Once you get out of high school, you'll be working every day like the rest of us!

You obviously don't know my SD24.

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I hope your speeches work better than ours did!

And she has seen, all of her life, the difference between what a person has when they work and what they have when they don't (kind of life, I mean, not necessarily material things). I guess she thinks it will just all work out, like magic.

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u had me at 'andies'.
Blum 3 Blum 3 Blum 3

add in noogies family rule "no head shots, no 'cod' shots"!!!!