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Song Titles for G.D.A.D.

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Ok we had some suggestions about traditional songs with a "guilty spin."

So please do share:

I'll continue on that theme.

"It's beginning to look a lot like two christmases"

"O Stay All Ye PASful"

"Away at the BMs"

"Skids in Toyland"

"Red Christmas" (debt up to eyeballs after CS is taken out)

"Jingle Hell"

"Skids Are Here For Christmas"


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I propose we all camcord skids with guilty dad response in action, post it on youtube and send them all to Dr. Phil.

Dear Dr. Phil,

Deal with THIS!


Stepmoms of the World
100% Responsibility 0% Authority

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Ribbon would be blue as we are constantly in a state of depression over 100% responsibility and 0% authority/say in the matter.

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"I'll Complain All Christmas"

Sung to the tune of "I'll Be Home for Christmas"

-By the Self Important Entitled Skid Trio

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LMAO-good ones!!! You know...last Christmas was so tough. NOrmally I'll get the boys a big gift and my family will do some gifts-in the past my ex and I have split on a big item and then he'll get them something small if we do split. But they receive normal amounts-nothign extravagant.

Compare that to spoiled SD-gets gifts out the ass from her BM-her bm's dad/stepmom, from her bm's mom and stepdad, from her uncle/wife, and countless other extended family.

She then gets shitloads of presents from Bf's parents and his brother/sister. My bf normally goes REAL low key because of that and I gave her somethings also-my mom even did.

THIS year-F'that-I have to sit and listen to her brag about all the things she got to my kids and it's hurtful. This year NO gifts from my mom or even from me. BF can get her a gift and I'll sign the card that goes with it. She gets for ONE child- 5 times the amount of both my kids combined. It's insane. Same for bdays---money out of the arse. Disgusting.

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A couple non-seasonal tunes:

Mary had a Little Lamb
--> BM had a Free Range Kid

She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes
--> She'll be wanting extra CS when she calls

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This topic has made me realize... skids have never got anything for SO for xmas. SD gets her mom a present. They don't get anything for SO.

Hmmmm. I used to ask my grandparents for chores or something so I could get my mom a present for bday or xmas. I think SD "stores" money that her dad gives her or when he says keep the change. I know they are 12 and 15, but when the 15 year old gets mom something and not her dad, that makes me wonder.

I won't be bringing this up, but it will be interesting to see what happens when they get older.

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This is a duet, sung by a BM and a SM

SM - "I tried to make her take her kid but she said No, No, No"

BM - "Yes I'm a whore, but give me my check right now now now"

BM - "I aint got the time, even though that kid is mine"

SM - "I tried to make her take her kid but she said No, no no"

Sung to the tune of the late Amy Winehouse's (may she rest in peace) rehab

This is fun Blum 3

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How about:
"Cindy the Pissed Off Stepmom" (Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer)
"I'll Get PAS'd for Christmas" (I'll be Home for Christmas)
"Im Dreaming of a Clean House" (Dreaming of a White Christmas)
All I Want for Christmas is to Get the Hell Out of Here (All I Want for Christmas is my 2 Front Teeth)
and finally...
O Holy Vagina (O Holy Night)

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"While SM's washed their Cruddy SKIDS socks by night"
"(Don't) Come Home for Christmas"
"When a Child Is Born - lets hope the BM keeps it"
"Do They Know Its Christmas?" (Cos they haven't bloody got me anything again)