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Woo Hoo Three Day Weekend

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Celebrating the upcoming "skids free" 3-day weekend. The second one we have had in over 4 years. I started saying "no" when the skids ask to come two weekends in a row. I feel really good about it.


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We were supposed to have a "skids free" weekend, but BM made plans and so the skids are coming with us now. But in reality, we're going camping (the good kind where there's air conditioning, satellite tv, a shower, real toilet, etc.....) and we just bought a golf cart and so the kids will have a blast. I'm really looking for to it anyway. I don't really remember what a holiday weekend with only adults around is like.......please refresh my memory on Tuesday after your wonderful weekend!

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with ya sista's..... seems like i always get screwed with skids on long weekends -- like wise this weekend, but i asked mil to watch them so we could go fishing....... i'm sure she was thinking whytf can't you take them......... but she didn't say anything so WOO HOO for me, too!!!!

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Skids asked to come again this weekend and DH said sure until I reminded him it was our anniversary weekend (actually today is! Smile ) so they aren't coming and we're going for a quick weekend getaway with NO kids at all! Yay!!!

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Happy anniversary! Have a great weekend getaway!!