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Question For All You CP StepDADs

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I've noticed a steady stream of what appears to be disgruntled CP StepDADS on this board.

Seems they are finding out that their DW or CP BioMOM does not discipline within reason/provide boundaries and structure for her biokids.

That she's a total "free ranger."

Have any of you stepDADS asked yourself if this is why the BM and biodad broke up in the first place?

Just speculating here, but possibly that bioDAD wanted to provide structure, boundaries and discipline for his own children but the BM fought him tooth and nail and instead, focused ENTIRELY on her relationship with her biokids, assigning them "adult spousal status" over bioDAD. Relegating bioDAD to the "back burner."

I know in the case of us NCP SMs, it seems that as a kneejerk reaction to the PAS that the CP BM dishes out against NCP bioDAD, he himself becomes the very thing that he was angry about during his marriage to the BM.

He disliked the BM putting all her time and attention into the children and that she treated them as her equals/confidants/peers. Yet he does the very same thing to NCP SM!!! Treats his biokids as adult confidants/soul mates, etc. yet relegates SM to the "back burner."

Also noticed that unless CP StepDAD is a "Go-Along George" and subscribes to the CP BM's PAS and free ranging, the BM will make his life very difficult by not issuing the "BM Stamp of Approval" on his forehead.

Any thoughts?


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They seem very shy to post; as though the all knowing, all powerful BM might snatch them bald headed!!