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Bad News on the Child Support Front

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Here's an article about an "idea" (no doubt instituted by the current "regime") on CS and how they can now take 100% of a ncp biodad's income if he is receiving SSI or SSD.

And so guess who NCP biodad will fall back on for income? That's right. . .either his relatives or SU-PER STEP-MOM!!! (fanfare)


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That's why if I could do it all over again I would never give a man with kids a second look. I was happier when I lived by that rule, then I decided to give it a chance after all I had a kid, and I sometimes wish I had not.

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Oh. How nice. There's a reason why they instates the 65% rule, and that was because otherwise, it would turn all of them homeless.

Love it! I can't wait for my taxpayer dollars to go towards more welfare for these now completely broke fathers!

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To answer your question, YES! They are both the coochie coo type even when they aren't warring. They think their spawn are the cutest things in shoe leather.

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And what exactly has your sister done to better herself? What has SIL done to better herself? Sorry, but neither my husband nor I have college degrees and we constantly bust our behinds to do better, even with a special needs child. Yes, there have been many times we have been truly down, thanks to the crazy witch ex wife, but I continue to bust my a$$ every single day and every day it gets better. And most of the time, it has been ME supporting myself, my son and my DH.

My sister on the other hand has a college degree and has never made anywhere near what I make...I think some need to stop blaming the ex for living in a shit hole and start doing something to better themselves.

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My first hubby (Peg's dad) has a PHd and is sitting in a one room apt, on SSD and has filed bankruptcy THRICE at the age of 56! I am a college dropout and have bettered myself by working like a pack mule!!

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I guess I'm confused . . . what, exactly, does the sister's and sister's in law self betterment have to do with the fact that they were owed CS by deadbeat dads? I get that not dads all are, but in the previous post, clearly they were. Sorry, I've had my ass bitten by the CS bug, myself - DH pays far and above what he should based on his state's CS calculator - so I get what it feels like when it seems as thought a SM and NCP can't really move on in their own lives due to having to pay an extreme amt. of CS each month. But, I have also had the first hand privilege of not getting a single penny of CS from my bd's dad for over 10 years. Personally, I'm waiting with baited breath for the day his ass gets nailed to the wall.

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Well, they have done without and live in a dump. Dad is partly to blame, but so is MOMMY. Period. If I worked and my DH didn't pay me CS, my son would still not live in a dump. It's easy to blame the other parent for not paying and claiming you live in a dump and your kids did without, while you do NOTHING to better yourself and get a good paying job.

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my uncle recently got approved for SSI. his son will be getting a little over 500 a month in SS as his dependant child. i don't know if this is in place of cs or added to it. i didn't ask questions, i was just there when he told his son how much he will be getting in SS a month. i think it's crap to take everything a man has, he has to eat too! however, when it comes to a POS deadbeat like bd's sperm donor, who has never paid a dime, yet manages to be high all the time, i wouldn't feel a bit bad if everything he had went to bd and he starved to death. }:) i only think it's unfair to constantly stick it to fathers who are doing what they are supposed to, but somehow are seen as never doing enough.

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My opinion on this straddles the fence.

I agree that insane levels of CS are rediculouse and should never be ordered. No more than 20% of a persons income should be allocated for CS regardless of income levels. IMHO of course.

I also believe that a parent has a responsiblity to their children and that children should have a right to equitable access to the benefit of the incomes of both of their BioParents. I came up with this one during my their money could go to support my SS's three younger also oowl SpermIdiot half sibs. I made damned sure that my SS had equitable access to his SpermIdiot's income. My SS is the oldest of BioDad's four oowl spawn. If the idiot could not afford the younger three he should have thought of that before he found two more womb donors.

So I make my judgements on this topic on a case by case basis.

Generally I do not think it is fair or rational to be able to take 100% of an NCPs income to recoup CS arrearages. On the other hand a dirtbag NCP who dodged a reasonable CS order or even an insame CS order for a decade+ and is now siting on huge arrearages, penalties and interest should not only have 100% of their income confiscated and sent to the CP who raised the child without help from the NCP but the NCP should also have to turn big rocks in to little rocks with a sledge hammer. If the CS order was insane then the NCP should have regularly paid what they could reasonably afford and not dodged CS completely.

I also believe that CPs should be required to undergo an annual audit of CS to show how CS was spent. If it is found that the CS was not used primarily for the support of the child(ren) then the CP should have to pay back the NCP for the CS with penalties and interest. Repeated violations should automatically deliver the kids to the full custody of the more responsible former NCP.

I know that this part of my opinion will not be universally popular but I firmly believe that the parent most capable of providing for the child should get custody with the less financially viable perent getting visitation and owing some level of CS.

In my SS's case his SpermIdiot initially paid $110/mo in CS. We never needed hte money but we kept the worthless POS on the hook for CS for the entire 17+ years of the CO. I made damned sure that my son (SS) would never have to hear that his SpermClan did not care enough about him to support him at least at some insultingly low level.