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So we have an interesting development with SD16 & Nasty

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Teenagers LOVE the BM who acts nothing like a mother but a friend…even if it’s an evil SM from days past.

We have not seen SD16 since YSD’s birthday party in July. SO has talked to her a number of times but all of the conversations pertain to SD16’s BM (Redneck) insisting that SO pay 100% for her braces, she wants money for A, B & C, or SO is nothing but a crap heap.

She has visited twice since November of last year & each of her visits brought drama due to stories she told which were all made up…mostly about me, but whatever.

When SO was married to Nasty, SD16 was between the ages of 4-12. She HATED Nasty…always came back with stories about how horrendous she was & cried to her BM (Redneck) about how she never wanted to visit again due to Nasty’s horridness. SO has told me that Nasty was a terrible SM & only cared about her BD (XSD now 15)…apparently they argued A LOT over her Skids which would have been the two malicious SD’s (now 14 & 16).

My resident Skids BM (Nasty) finally decided that she missed SS9 & SD7 enough to skype last night (it’s been MONTHS)…she was online with them for a surprising hour and a half. This is the longest she’s spent with them online since I’ve met them.

SO overhears Nasty telling SS9 & SD7 that SD16 is going to be in with her, in Florida next summer when they visit…which means that SD16 will be spending time in Florida with her XSM, who she hated with a passion...yet she won’t bother to come visit HIM & YSKids when we only live 30 minutes away. SD16 & Nasty recently became FB friends…I told SO no good would come of this & boy was I right!

XSD15 is meant to be visiting Nasty next summer as well…Nasty’s parents, who have custody of XSD15 now live in Germany so they will fly XSD15 to Florida so that she can spend time with her BM (Nasty).

He was snickering at the idea though because XSD15 & SD16 HATE each other…XSD15 is an egotistical, artistic, health food loving vegetarian (even though she’s a junk food addict), emo. SD16 however is the picture of trashiness…hair has to be perfect, WAY too much makeup, likes to dress like a whore, self absorbed & well…a redneck…should be interesting to say the least!

I’m waiting to see if SD16 tries to get US to give her a ride to Florida in order for her to spend time with her XSM…SO said over his dead body.

We shall see.