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Nasty's promises of Disney, shattered again (good job Nasty!)

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After not having skyped with the SKids for over 3 months, Nasty decided that she wanted “quality skype time”. They were finally able to talk to their BM for more than an hour.

For anyone reading that hasn’t read my past blogs, is the conversation that Nasty had with the Skids the first time she decided that she wasn’t going to take them to Disney, after having promising that she would.

Nasty promised (yes, again) that she would take them NEXT summer…her words were “next summer, Daddy & Anywho can drive you to FL again & mommy will take my babies to Disney for TWO WHOLE DAYS! This promise was made while the Skids were with her for their 4.5 days in June.

Well ladies & gentleman, it has happened AGAIN! Here is a VERY shortened conversation between Nasty & Skids:

Nasty: Mommy is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about seeing my babies!
Skids: YAY! (they do this talking in unison thing that gets creepy at times)
SS: Mom, can we go to the beach next summer for more than 20 minutes? I want to build sand castles AND go in the water!
Nasty: You know mommy doesn’t like the beach, but I guess I can think about it.
SD: But mom, you said that’s why you moved to Florida instead of Texas (where we live)…because you LOVE the beach!
Nasty: Oh my babies, I said we’ll see.
SS: At least we get to go to Disney next summer, like you promised! That will be fun with XSD15 & SD16!
Nasty: No, we won’t be going to Disney SS…mommy is thinking about going to Sea World instead!
SS: But mom, you said you would take us to Disney for TWO WHOLE DAYS!
Nasty: Yeah, mommy doesn’t think so now.
SS: You promised mom!
Nasty: SS stop it! We will have loads of fun anywhere we go. You guys LOVED LOVED LOVED the pool! Who knows, we may just stay home & my babies can swim again like fishies!
SS: Did you know that Anywho LOVES LOVES LOVES Dinsey mom? We made sure she had the BEST first visit EVER! She got to see HER favorite princess who is Belle on stage. It’s true mom! At least MUMMSY loved loved loved taking US to Disney!
SD: Yeah…It’s okay mom! I'm sure Mummsy will take us to Disney again.
Nasty: Can we stop talking about Anywho & get back to OUR conversation now?
SS: I was just telling you that SHE likes Disney!

So yeah...this will come as surprising to you all, but SS's behavior has again plummeted. He had been getting conduct marks at school pretty regularly & had FINALLY gotten to where he was at ALMOST 2 weeks of NO bad behavior at school...since he Skyped with BM, he has gotten 3 in a row!

SS is the type of kid that REMEMBERS! He will hang onto ANYTHING that is promised to him & will not let it go. He acts out when someone lies to him & having it be his mother makes it even worse.

I really wish she would drop off the face of the would make my life much easier!


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Yeah, BM #1 posted on her FB earlier this year "Can't wait to take my girls to Disney!" A couple of people asked her when, no answer, and of course NO trip to Disney. Why do people do that crap??

My DH even does things like this sometimes... Like earlier this year we were contemplating purchasing some land and building a house. It was VERY tentative. What does DH do, takes skids and shows them the land and tells them how we MIGHT build a house, how they'll have their own rooms, have 4-wheelers, blah blah blah AND told them how much we would be paying for the land. I found out when SIL told me that she ran into SS12.5 at the store and he was telling her about how we were buying this land and building and house and how much we were paying like it was a done deal! SIL of course was kind of offended that we hand't told her or MIL... well that's because it was VERY up in the air!#!% I flipped the hell out on DH... WTF? I have no idea what he is thinking sometimes. Needless to say, we did NOT buy the land. I am of the mind that until something is signed, tickets purchased what have you, there is no point is saying anything and getting hopes up (and gossip/drama started!)

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"my babies" :sick:

really like that is healthy communication for kids above the age of 1. I feel bad for your Skids, their BM is a piece of sh!t. Who lies to their kids and thinks its ok? It is harmful and can be very bad in the long run.

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SO tried to cover for her for a couple of years & he & I almost had a falling out over it. She lies to them constantly (or rather when she can be bothered to talk to them at all) & I believe there is no band-aid for these situations. SO bought gifts to give them last Christmas FROM HER...that is the last time he does that because SD very easily discovered that she had NO CLUE what she bought them...THAT was a funny convo from my perspective, but not so much for SD I suppose.

It's unfortunate, but this is what happens when you knowingly breed with someone who is a chronic liar.

The SKids (mainly SS) acts out when these things happen...I can only hope that his life with SO & I makes him feel loved, appreciated & valued, because BM certainly doesn't make them feel that way!

The "MY BABIES" thing nauseates me & the SKids make snide comments about how she doesn't realize they're "big kids"...they got off of Skype with comments such as laughingly saying "Hey baby, I mean SS", "Mummsy, can you call us babies? Do we need sippy cups?"...yeah...she's a real winner!