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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian

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Has anyone been paying attention to the LeAnn Rimes/Eddie Cibrian situation?

I have to admit I have been, off and on. Every now and then I'll pick up a magazine in the grocery store where it's mentioned.

What do you think of Eddie's ex-wife? I feel bad for her, but the people I really pity are the children. I feel for Brandi, but I also hope she can come to a point where she stops bashing LeAnn publicly. I can certainly understand how painful it is to be cheated on- I've seen it happen to my mom. From a child's point of view, I certainly know what it's like to hate the SM when really there is more than enough blame to go around between Dad and SM.

I certainly don't like what Eddie and LeAnn did. But it doesn't make me hate them, because I don't know them personally. I don't think LeAnn is an evil person, and so while I don't think she's perfect and has some blame to share, Eddie was the one married to Brandi. Eddie was the one who had kids with Brandi.

I want to know what you as SMs think of this story? Do you think Brandi is being too evil to LeAnn and needs to get over her bitterness? I think Brandi has every right to be hurt, but she does not have the right to take it out on her kids.

I hope that all 3 of them can come to a point someday where they can peacefully co-exist.


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I have followed this on and off through the media as well.

I totally feel for Brandi! UGH! How horrible not only to be cheated on but have it all in public and then the lies and denial and quite honestly Eddie made Brandi look stupid telling her LeeAnne was a stalker so then Brandi was on board with that. I just don't understand why they didn't come out with it once they were caught!

In the real world, I do feel like Brandi should bash Eddie to her friends/family in private (because I don't see how she could NOT need to do some bashing!)and do her best to shield the kids of it for their sake. However, I guess I have a lot of compassion for her because as if the actual situation isn't horrible enough - then she has to see the two of them frolicking and being in love all over tv and in magazines. That would be very painful and light a fire under my ass!

Hopefully they will come to a resolution someday but I have a feeling with it all being so in-your-face that it will take her longer than "normal" - whatever "normal" is?!

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SA, I think he will too. From what I have read Eddie cheated on someone else before he married Brandi.

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This will get me flamed I'm sure, but I'm going there anyway.

What Eddie did was wrong. If he was unhappy he should have left his wife before taking up with another women.

However, I don't know what kind of wife Brandi was, but I do know this. Eddie and Leann are both celebrities, and knew this was going to garner them some bad press. They knew it because they had seen the whole Brangelina thing unfold, and people picked sides. It's what people do. For a guy to give up part of his time with his kids, to go through some very public mudslinging, and to lose a large chunk financially in the divorce, it would have to be pretty bad at home to be willing to make that jump, and I've known more than one woman that drove their husband to something like that and then smeared him as a big cheater, when really, she was truly evil incarnate.

Maybe Brandi was not a very nice wife. That doesn't justify Eddie cheating, and I'm sure everyone here that has ever been cheated on will say "So falling down once in a while means it's okay for your DH to cheat?" No. Falling down constantly and changing the deal once your husband marries you and turning into an evil harpie justifies cheating as far as I'm concerned.

My husband has been faithful to me, but I HAVE been cheated on, and when I was cheated on, I had to take a hard look at how I had personally contributed to the situation. My partner had been asking for what they needed, and I had been denying it. I had been very cruel for a very long time, and they finally snapped. It was painful and harsh, but honestly, I had it coming, and now I bring my "A" game.

If you are not good to your husband, rest assured there's someone out there that will be, and after taking crap off somebody for a long time, that starts to look really good, and the consequences really diminish in comparison.

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I think LeeAnn and Eddie must have both been unhappy and so just went for it. I do not respect that he said LeeAnn was stalking him. I have not read about the exwife but she just sounds like they all do, only she gets a public forum for it, great!

I believe they will be on TV interview tonight at 10 PM! so you can see more there! I used to love to get my little magazines but they got cut out of my budget so I don't know as much about these matters as I used to! but I believe her husband may have been gay.

I completely think you can drive someone away, married or not. Ask my DH!