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LeAnn Rimes "asks God for forgiveness"

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LeAnn gives SMs a bad name. If she would just shut up about this situation and stop poking Brandi, everybody else would too.

I wonder how LeAnn's "boys" will feel about her when they find about her behavior when a classmate says something to them at school or they see a magazine headline about her at the grocery store.

Some think Brandi has been too hard on LeAnn. I think Brandi has been too soft on LeAnn. If I were Brandi, I'd make LeAnn sorry that she ever crossed paths with me. I wouldn't bash her or my ex to my kids, but I'd make them regret their behavior.

LeAnn just keeps giving Brandi reasons to hate her guts. Maybe if she would keep her mouth shut this situation would die down.


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Does she have a new album coming out or something? So many "look at me!!" articles. She's a dork.

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I wonder how much truth there really is in celebrity "reporting". I don't even bother with the gossip rags .. there's enough drama in my real world.

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If it's a "twitter war" then I assume someone is engaging and responding to her.

It's a shame that any grown adult acts like this .. even worse that someone finds this all entertaining enough to make "news" stories out of it Sad

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So she's so religious that she prays every day....yet she cheated on her husband with another married man. Hmmmm. Pretty sure Jesus frowns on stuff like that.....

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You know what's funny?
Every blog & posts that has something to do with Brandi or Leann never once brought up Eddie's name.
Who I think is the real douche in the whole situation. Leann was only one of the hundreds of women Eddie cheated on Brandi with. But out on the tabloids & on here, it's always about the two women. Interesting.

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LOL Right?
Imagine what the other 97 women are saying about it but they're probably not famous. The third girl was like 19 when he seduced her she's on Vanderpump Rules show. Maybe next time---because there will be a next time, he'll cheat on someone that's not on camera.

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That little girl also got shit being called a home wrecking whore & she was with him for almost a year I think before she found out he was even married. The list goes on. That boy cheats & lies. But he never gets blamed for any of his bad behavior. It's always the other women.

Brandi! Your husband has been cheating on you with everyone & you never left him. Dontchathink he was going to leave eventually??

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If he cheated on Brandi with Leann, he'll cheat on Leann with the next little starlet that comes along. That Karma bitch will always find ya!

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I am curious, for those who believe cheating is like... THE unforgivable sin or whatever (not to say that it's on par with stealing someone's lunch money or anything...)

For the women that occasionally frequent this site and actually say something about their situation, if cheating is involved or ever was, what would ever redeem them?

Why is it that kids who live poor and commit larceny can be reformed and redeemed, but not people who are unfaithful? What, if anything, would make you think that they had become better people. Should these women leave their SOs, or in some cases DHs and live as nuns? Should they sign a contract for indentured servitude to BM as "time served?"

There's a lot of levity in my tone, but I'm serious. Is cheating redeemable or is it like murder? Can cheaters change the way liars and thieves sometimes can? If so, what would convince you that they had?

I guess I'm only asking because I'm wondering if Leann's public conflict would be as big a deal if the circumstances of her becoming a SM were different.

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Probably true. I haven't really been following it. I was just curious. Seems like everytime and tweet comes up, so do the circumstances behind her stepmotherhood.

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Probably true. I haven't really been following it. I was just noticing that everytime any new tweet comes up, so does the cheating, whether or not the tweet had anything to do with that.

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If you're meaning Eddie Cibrian, then no. He is such a whore & he doesn't care who he cheats on or hurts. His only redemption is 30 years in sex addicts anonymous or 30 hours with my BM.