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How do you tell if a pregnancy is an accident?

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The blog about women lying about being on the pill got me to wondering about this. Accidents have happened while people have used condoms and/or bc. So how do you tell if an unplanned pregnancy is an accident or occurred on purpose?


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You can't. I had an unplanned pregnancy. While I wasn't on the pill-I was clear on that-condom broke, used the morning after pill less than six hours later, still ended up pregnant. I lost the pregnancy. There are people out there who would say it was intentional, but it wasn't. I was pretty devastated to find out I was pregnant but figured I would do the right thing. The fella asked me to get an abortion, I told him I personally couldn't do that, but I also wasn't going to go after support. I have an established career and make great money. If he didn't want to be a dad I couldn't make him and didn't want to invest the energy to try to.

Even though it was unplanned and I was upset at first, I was heartbroken when I lost the pregnancy.