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It's kind of nice to know that celebrity blended families also deal with our problems. LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville are

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at it again.

Surprise, surprise Wink

Who do you agree with? I agree with Brandi, I'd be po-d royally if the woman my ex was cheating on me with while he was married to me called my kids her kids. Maybe I'd handle it differently, but I'd still be fuming.

I will also say that I don't think all of the flak LeAnn has received is seems like Eddie took a lot less heat than she did, and although what LeAnn did was wrong, Eddie was married to Brandi. But I also think it's just hurtful and mean to Brandi for LeAnn to then go on to call Brandi's boys hers.


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I don't think she should be cold or distant to them. I think she needs to stop talking publicly about them constantly on twitter like they are HER kids. I feel like she is doing it to piss off Brandi and stir the shit pot.

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I agree with Brandi. Eddie made it so she cannot film with her kids. She just wants them to be able to be in the background so she doesn't have to drop them at a sitter when she is filming. That is her way of making money and supporting her children. What does he expect her to do? He cheated on her and left her!

But it seems to be ok for Leann to post Brandi's kids all over twitter on a daily basis calling them HER boys!! I think she is horrible. Now she is all over twitter looking for other step moms to talk to. Clearly she is doing it to get under Brandi's skin!!

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I'm not even a bio-mom and what she said frosted my cookie. No wonder the bio-mom was peeved.

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Yea agree leann should stop with that. They are not her kids.

I knew not to do that with my skids i also let tgem call me what they were comfortable with and it wasnt mom. They have one and tge sooner leann gets that the better this situatio. Will be.

I woyld have been very angry if my exes gf/wife called my kids her kids.

Of course id like her to be good and nice to them but trying to take them um no. I understood that vety well when married a man with kids.

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If I use the term "my boys" when DH, SS and the male dog are in the room, I am only referring to DH and the dog.

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I'm TEAM BRANDI all the way. Leann is doing that on purpose to irk Brandi and that's why she's flipping on her. I hope Brandi makes tons and tons of money and finds herself a nice, rich man that will make her happy. Leann, will definitely get what she deserves. I call my Skids my kids when we're out and about. It's too complicated to say "step" this "step" that. Never on social media though.

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"Unless she gave birth to those kids, they're not HER kids."

Can someone please explain that statement to many of the DHs here who expect that of us....