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SD24 called...

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She asked if I would go with her to pick out new flooring and paint for her kitchen. After I visit her new house to see the kitchen because they're keeping the same cabinets. After THAT, she wants to buy me dinner. 

*shok*   *shok*   *shok*

Am I dreaming? Will someone message me a double espresso?

My, how things have changed in the last couple of years. 


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AWWW! Love it!!!

Tell her to go with a luxury vinyl- she won't regret it! 

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I was going to suggest resilient flooring, which is what we've used in our kitchen and my Dad used in his kitchen, living room, sun room, and utility room. Easy to install, wears well, and looks great! Cannot tell you how many people think it's real hardwood flooring at first look!

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Wait, she's the one who had to apologize to you? 

Their brains get fully developed in mid 20s and they start to think straight. 

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I love this!!! Pick out something amazing!!! And if you get bored you can come and vistitand help me pick mine out!

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I have a knack for matching things and SD24 loves our kitchen. DH is the one who told her I picked out the flooring AND installed it. If she does go with the resilient flooring, I offered to help her install it.

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Classy, even if it's McDonald's, I consider this a BIG step! And McD's does have some tasty fries...

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Whoa!!!  Did I just enter a parallel universe?  My own SDs have been marginally warmer towards me in the last few years, but buy me dinner - oh nnnoooooo, probably not till 2030 at the earliest ROFL

 It will probably take until then before SD25 has her own place.  More likely she will still be living with NPD BM.

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That's what I was thinking, too, Kes! I pinched myself...

Admittedly, part of me will always be cautious. BioHo's influence is strong and it wasn't all THAT long ago that I was the "villain".

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My opinion is that in adulthood, the kids see reality and can act on it.  But i think they see it as children, too, just cant act on it.  My 50ish SKs of course dont dis BM's memory but i can tell they know the truth.

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It seems that both SDs have had epiphanies about 'Ho and are seeing her for the narcissistic toxic waste that she is.

SD27 called me recently and was going on and on (negatively) about BioHo. I never said anything other than "that's too bad". 

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One of the SKs will be talking about a past traumatic incident and roll their eyes and say, "You know how Mom was".  Yes,  i think, unfortunately, i know how your volatile Mom was.

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I snicker (keeping it all inside!) every time DH says "your mother" because I can hear TONE...

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Have your credit card ready trip.  Looks like you are buying a floor, dinner, and who knows ?

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Sigh... Why should I have my credit card ready? Even if SD had the proverbial balls to ask, I wouldn't pay for a new floor.

You need to read that again, Harry. 

she wants to buy me dinner. 

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That's really awesome news, I admit deep down in my secret heart of hearts I always hoped that once Spawn "grew up" and wasn't under Meth Mouth's thumb we might be able to have a relationship, but it will never happen. It's good to hear it can happen for some people.

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Advice, I admit that I had pretty much given up and simply planned to continue to be polite, but impersonal. This has all been unexpected!

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Aniki you're a nice lady. Hope you enjoy.

Ignore Harry's negative nancy claptrap. Seen him do it on another of your blogs.

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Thank you, WarMachine!

I usually do but there are times when a response it warranted over the Delete button. Wink

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Wowsers! Who would have thought this would happen a few years back!?!

Enjoy yourself! 

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DPW, certainly not me!!! A crystal ball, Nostradamus, Sylvia Brown, a burning bush... predicted this, I would have thought I was having a psychotic episode!

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Wow, what a lovely turn of events. I know you'll proceed with caution.

I hope you steered her to something vinyl. Hardwood is a PITA to take care of, and whoever decided bamboo (a soft wood) is a good idea clearly owns stock in the flooring industry.

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Exjulie, proceed with caution has been my middle name since SD27 asked me to meet for drinks over a year ago!

I'm going to suggest resilient (vinyl) flooring. It is much cheaper than hardwood and wears well. Dad and I did his kitchen 12 years ago and it still looks brand new. And he had 2 dogs!

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I replaced all the carpeting in my last house with "hardwood" laminate flooring and it was wonderful, SO worth it. Looked great, very easy to clean (I had two cats and two big dogs), and seemingly indestructable; I had that house for 8 years & the floors still looked brand new when I sold the house. You're gonna love it!

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On the other hand, I bought a house with a lot of high end flooring: marble, travertine, hardwoods, and bamboo that is a pita because it's so soft. It's like having a pool - it requires constant care and $$. I'm definitely going with vinyl next house.