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Belated Christmas with BioHo

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Sorry for the delayed update, but SS20 and his fiancee headed back just a few days ago and I've been crazy-busy. This is long...

No worries - we did NOT accept 'Ho's invite to "watch the kids open prezzies". But 'Ho certainly made her presence known before, during, and after the skid invasion...

DH's phone rang at 7:14am Christmas morning. SS17. (we were already awake - yay!) "Merry Christmas, son!"
Only it wasn't SS17. It was 'Ho.
Ho: ~giggling~ It's not SS17. It's me!
DH: WTF do you want?
Ho: Last chance! Are you two coming over to watch the skids open prezzies?
DH: F*CK NO. ~click~
Have I mentioned how much I love this man?


The skid invasion was planned for 2pm. I had everything ready at 1:30pm, but the skids did NOT arrive early. Yay! Here was a big surprise: the skids came with gifts. For us!!! Color me surprised! Greetings and hugs abounded - for DH and me. I was starting to wonder if I was dreaming...

SD23 brought her fiance and started to introduce him. He shook DH's hand, turned to me and said, "Oh, I remember you!" and gave me a rib-cracking hug. Apparently, I made a good impression 5+ years ago. SD23 hugged me like she was clinging to a life preserver, "I'm so glad to see you and I'm so sorry I've been so awful. I hope we can talk later." (This was certainly a different SD23...)

Drinks were poured, the mini buffet was raided, and we sat around eating, drinking, and talking. SGS4, the Prince of Shy, crawled on my lap with a book and said "Wead pwease, Gwamma." (How do you resist that?) SGS9 sidled over to listen while I quietly read the story. It was a little melt-my-heart moment and I was really starting to think I was dreaming...

Cue the drama.

SD23: SS17, where is your phone?
SS17: In my pocket. Why??
SD23: Mom texted me to ask WTH you are. I thought maybe you left your phone there.
~SS17 pulls his phone out of his coat pocket~
SS17: My phones says I'm right here!! ('Ho has a tracker installed on his phone)
~SD23 texting furiously~
SD23: You better text mom. She's freaking the f*ck out.
SS20: FFS, mom knows he rode with me! Tell her to stop being such a GD stalker. 
SD23: YOU tell her! 
~SS20 pulls out his phone and texts~

DH (trying to break up the moment): SO! Was Santa good to you at your mother's? (that tone when he says it!)
~long pause~
SD26: We didn't go.
SS17: It sucked.
Financee: Well, *I* had a good one.
SD23: It was okay.
Fiance: ~smiles weakly~
SS20: It sucked balls.
~reaaaaally long pause~

DH: Well. I'm sorry to hear that. 
SS17: SS20 wouldn't wear those stupid pajamas mom bought so she wouldn't give him his presents.
SS20: Those pajamas are LAME and there's nothing I need bad enough to put 'em on. They suck.
~I'm biting my tongue to keep from laughing~
SGS4: Gwamma 'Ho suck!
SD26: Honey, don't say that!
~her DH starts laughing quietly~
SGS4: Gwamma 'Ho SUCK!
SD26: Ssssshhhhhhhh...

At this point, I can taste blood in my mouth, so excused myself to go to the bathroom. I made a quick stop in our bedroom to scream with laughter - muffled by the pillow in which I buried my face - then went to the bathroom to tinkle and repair my makeup. When I came out, SD23 was waiting for me.

SD23: Aniki, can we talk for a minute? Please?
Me: Oh, okay. What's up?
SD23: Aniki. You... Well... I... You... I'm... AnikiI'veBeenATotalBitchToYouAndI'mReallySorry! ~flings her arms around me and starts crying~
Me (feeling like Sheldon): There, there... ~awkwardly patting SD23 on the back~
SD23 (still crying): I hope I can make it up to you. Dad, too. I need to apologize to Dad, too. What can I do to make it better? What do I need to do?? ~clings harder and sobs~ (wow)
Me: Oh, well, gosh. Just give me a chance, SD23. I'm not the enemy. 
SD23: You're always so nice and I've been such a b!tch! I'm sorry, Aniki!! ~hugs me harder~
Me: It's okay, SD23. We all go through things. 
SD23: I don't deserve it. I've been so AWFUL to you. I'm SO SORRY!!!  ~gulping, wracking sobs~ (damn)
Me: It will be alright, SD23.~still patting/rubbing awkwardly~
SD23; I promise I'll be different. I'm sorry!!! ~sobs winding down~
Me: Okay. It will be okay. Let's both start over.
SD23: SD26 was right! You're just the nicest person ever! ~hugs me harder~
Me: Why don't you wash your face? Let me get you a washcloth.
SD23: Thank you. ~hugs me again~

The rest of the invasion went smoothly. Presents were opened, The SGSSs loved the books we got them (SGS9 immediately sat down to read one) and the skids (and the fiance/financee) all loved the goodie bags of treats I put together. DH and SD23 were in the kitchen for awhile (he told me afterwards that she apologized profusely for being "such a b!tch").

We received some very nice gifts. Yes, WE! DH got a variety of VERY nice fishing equipment from all of the skids. I got wine and cheese (SD26 and hubby), a basket of coffee samples (SD23 and fiance), a basket of bath stuff and lotions (SS20 and fiancee), and a gift certificate to my fave coffee place (SS17). This was not a dream!

A couple of hours after they all left, DH and I were relaxing with whiskey (me) and tequila (DH), when his phone rang: SS20. 

DH: Hey, son. ~pause~ Oh, hang on.... (hand over phone)
Baby, is it okay with you if SS20 and his fiancee stay tonight?
Me: Oh. Sure.
DH: Come on over. I'll unlock the door.

They ended up staying with us until they headed back home. Turns out SS20 and 'Ho has a YUGE fight about him not wearing those damn pajamas. SS20 offered to go stay in a hotel but DH told them they were welcome to stay with us (yes, he asked me first). Wonder how that's going to play out down the line with 'Ho...


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Yes, it is the same SD23. She might actually be growing up. She and her fiance (engaged mid-Dec) just closed on a house and start moving in this weekend. Time will tell.

I will never stop being on my guard when it comes to any skid. We know all too well how strong the call of blood is. Even when it's toxic. Or should that be ESPECIALLY when it's toxic?

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Sounds like you received many "gifts"...

Glad that SD23 is FINALLY appreciating you and actually had the maturity to apologise to both DH AND you. And I especially love the fact that she apologised to YOU first.

Team Aniki - 1,000

Team Ho - 0

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Well, it WAS the holiday season where everyone feels like they have to be kind and loving...hopefully this will "stick".

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WOW there are Christmas miracles and it sounds like you had a few. It's amazing these kids have grown up to see just how toxic BioHo really is. I had always hoped that would happen with Spawn, but nope, she drank the kool-aide and started making her own.

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What's funny is that the SSs have always seen 'Ho's toxicity. Maybe it's because she has always favored her daughters and treated her sons like servants. It's looking like 'Ho's behavior at SD26's graduation (and afterwards) was an eye-opener.

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Wonders will never cease - it's rather shocking when SKIDS suddenly start to be semi-nice to you when they've been vile for 265 yrs.  I had a similar experience with the Madams actually looking at me and speaking TO me when they were here over Xmas.  What is going on? have we slipped into a parallel universe?  Lol

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Parallel universe, indeed. I pinched myself a couple of times to make sure I was awake. And I only had one finger of whiskey, so I wasn't drunk!

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This made me drops some tears.  

It is always better to be on guard, but it sounds like you had a great Christmas.  I wish you many more 

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I had to look at the calendar to make sure it wasn't April Fool's Day.

On guard, yes, and it might be a few steps forward, a few steps back, cha cha cha. But you can dance, yes?

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How can anyone not love you Aniki!!!!

I'm glad it was a smooth Christmas and wishing you & H many more.


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Muchas gracias, amiga! I don't consider myself all that, but I've been wrong before......LOL!

Fingers crossed!

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Welp, there IS a wedding coming up in the future, so SD23 probably realized it's time to suck up.

Or she could be growing up (I hope that's it).

Glad you had a pleasantly surprising Christmas!!

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Yes, a future wedding. However, DH cannot afford to pay for a wedding and SD23 knows that. He considers all of the wedding frills to be "an unnecessary bunch of horse sh!t". He may offfer to buy (within reason) her dress, but he isn't about to go into debt. Not his way.

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This Reverse PAS moment was brought to you by..... KARMA!

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It was a freaking Hallmark Movie. It include hugs, gifts, laughter and children reading books. But then BioHo came in and made it a reality show about pajamas. That woman ruins everything!

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I don't get the whole Christmas pajama thing. One of my nephew's does it, but his kids are 4 and 8. Expecting a bunch of adults to wear them, but refusing to give them gifts when they will not? SS17 told DH that 'Ho's mother put on the top (and griped about it), but refused to put on the bottoms. 'Ho pouted about it, but her mother played the "I'm your mother" card.

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She is just crazy. I am glad you were treated with kindness from step children. The little one sounds perfect.

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WarMachine, haven't you learned to not take a drink before reading stuff on here? *lol*

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Oh good God, your blog brought tears to my eyes. Happy tears.

Im so happy for you Aniki. You deserve this.

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Thank you, Iamwoman. For whatever reason, I keep thinking of a line in a song "...somewhere in my youth or childhood I must have done something good."

I don't know if it will last, but it was the best Christmas with skids I've ever had. If things go back to crap, I can look in my mental box of memories and know there was ONE good one.

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If anyone deserves this it is you.  You have done nothing but consistently be kind, classy, and supportive of your husband.

We all see how amazing you are and I'm glad that they are seeing it too.

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Thank you, Gimmy. I say again, I don't think I'm all that. Just trying to live the best life I can with the man of my dreams. <3

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I'm GobSmacked!


What an amazing turn around,Ani! LIke a beautiful dream~

There's a Christmas to remember!

Now what do those pajamas look like that HoBag is so obsessed about that she demands that her twenty year old son wear ? 

Did she make them or something?

Tres Cray,Right?

If Ho started acting normal then you are dreaming.LOLOL


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Wicked, it's more like tres cray to the nth degree!

'Ho buys those farking pajamas every year. Last year was the Grinch. The year before, the females got red striped and the males got green striped. Horizontal stripes. And we all know how unflattering wide horizontal strips are for... larger people. The year before that (and the first year 'Ho got into the pajama craze), it was penguins. The SGSSs liked the Grinch pjs...

Here's an Amazon link to the ones 'Ho bought this year. Try not to barf...


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That is just great.   I still remember my DS apologizing to DSO for being a dick to him.  They help each other all the time and are good friends.

Gwamma Ho sucks???   Oh my, I couldn't have contained my laughter.

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That's awesome, bearcub!

Yep, Gwamma 'Ho sucks. I bit so hard, the inside of my mouth was sore for days!

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That was a great read!! Like others, I teared up a little reading this. I'm so happy for you and your DH that the SK's are coming around even though the grinch 'HO tried to steal Christmas. 

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Look at this coven getting all choked up over your skids being kind to you.   Goes to show all most of us want is to be treated like human beings. 

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"...most of us want is to be treated like human beings."

Right? It's not like we're asking for a blood sacrifice - though some of us have certainly bled, and worse. All we did was fall in love. I didn't steal him. If anything, 'Ho should be thanking ME because 'Ho was DH's REBOUND when I broke it off with him 25 years ago! 

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So happy to hear this Aniki, so well deserved!  Let's keep hoping for more of these ocassions. I do think they can and do grow up sometimes.  My relationship with SD which was absolute horror/hell has changed drastically and she's only 18. Granted we dont' see eachother often, but when we do it's really super nice.  For Thanksgiving she came to spend time with me and MY family for lunch, then we joined her at her bf's house w/his family for a bit.  Prior to that DH and I took her to our lease land w/our hunting dogs...I taught her how to help me go in the quail pen, plant the birds and shoot a shotgun.....we had a blast together!


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Thank you, bananaseedo! I'm so glad your relationship with SD improved!

I'm sure that sometimes the skids are hostile because partners mean that Mommy and Daddy are NOT getting back together (even when they had a fraught relationship). Not all of us go into the relationship trying to be a replacement parent (some do!) - we just want to spend our lives with the ones with love! I would rather deal withh indifference than hostility. Having a positive relationship makes me feel a little giddy! Still guarded, though.

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Oh Aniki, this is absolutely heartwarming and HILARIOUS!!!

I hope it all goes so well for you.  You and your DH certainly deserve it <3 <3