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OT - Women Wednesday

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Welcome to Wednesday! Half a day to go and we'll be on the downhill slide to Friday. Woo hoo!

What do you wear when you want to feel good? I mean GOOD, as in "I'm wearing my sassy pants today and they make my butt look spectacular, so I FEEL good". Is it a certain hairdo? Do you build your outfit around an accessory, like a necklace or pair of shoes?

My mood is typically reflected in my shoes. If I want to feel sassy and confident, it's stilletto time. Don't mess with me - a kickass pair of Harley's.

The other 75% of the time, I'm barefoot or wearing flip flops or Chuck Taylors, so it's all in the clothes. For me, I prefer body SKIMMING. I honestly do NOT understand how something so tight it's digging its way to China into your waist or hooha is comfortable. Oooooooooowwwwwww!!!!

Casual outing - the jeans/capris must hug my hiney and waist like they love me (skimming!). Not an easy feat, since it's difficult for me to find pants that don't required cinching in at the waist (aaaarrgghhh). Add a soft top (brushed cotton is awesome) that curves around the 'girls' like a lover's hands and I'm feeling sassy.

Dress it up - I luuuuuuuuurrrvvvv me a maxi dress. It can be casual with flat sandals, but throw on a pashmina or light cardigan and some heels and you're ready to paint the town. Too long or too loose? Tie a knot at the hip, down near the hemline, or pin it up with a brooch. If I'm going to be out in the sun, I tuck my hair up into a wide-brimmed hat and let it tumble down when I sweep it off. DH loves it when I do that.

BTW, since I spend a LOT of time barefoot or in flip flops/sandals, a good pedicure is key for me. I consider my feet to be my best feature so they're always pampered and looking good. DH has told me quite a few times that he never considered feet sexy until he saw mine. Dirol


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hmmm.  this post really made me think.  Honestly, at the moment, I am just happy if my clothes fit. I have gained a lot of weight over the last 3 years and honestly, I just don't have much "slay the world" in

But, I did a workout last night and am focusing on eating better and it is maybe I will get some of my mojo back one of these days. lol.


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ESMOD, there are days when I'm not entirely happy with the clothes I'm wearing (I have a pair of Mom Jeans that are strictly for work!!), but if I'm wearing my fave Chuck Taylors, they give me a mood boost.

I also made a concious effort to eat healthier. It has not resulted in much weight loss, but I feel like I'm making better choices for my overall health.

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I feel the same way- gained weight and not feeling like I look great in anything. I feel the best in yoga pants and a t-shirt right now....

But I also just joined a gym! When I get back to the old me, my favorite casual summer look is a stretchy mini skirt with a t-shirt and flat sandals. At work, I'll wear short sleeved tunics with leggings and heeled sandals. It works for me because I'm short, and normally petite. 

Lately, I've been getting into red lipstick and letting my hair just do what it does, which is straight and shiny (always wanted curly hair, too much work, makes me look older and like I'm trying too hard).

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Witch, I just started physical therapy for my shoulder and have to wear yoga pants. They are NOT made equally!! I can try on the same brand in the same size in different styles - one fits well and the other makes me looked like stuffed sausage. Blech!!

When I wear red lipstick, I feel like they stand out over everything else and that I'm just a big ol' pair of lips! Red, sadly, is not for me.

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I am Lularoe obsessed. My go to right now is the Julia dress with a light Cardi over the top. Ballet flats to class it up or good old Chucks to dress it down. I have lost 130 pounds since I stopped consuming alcohol; and now that my body has nixed dairy, it is coming off again.

I always have my nails polished. I do it at home, both fingers and toes. I live in Florida, so sandals are part of life 10 months out of the year. Love me some China Glaze polish, especially for my toes. I buy it at Sally, so it's not terribly expensive.

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130 pounds?! Good for you!!!

I always have my toes polished, but rarely do my fingernails because I'm so hard on them. I swear, I can have them chipped within an hour of the manicure! I'm getting a gel manicure soon and hope it works out well.

P.S. Love me some China Glaze!

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I feel powerful in a business skirt suit and some hot boots.  To go out, I love a three quarter sleeve dress with my cowboy boots. Runway stomping around with a pair of clippity-cloppity boots and a skirt makes me feel incredibly badass Biggrin

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I wear office attire all week complete with heels so at home it's bare feet, flip flops and Chucks.  

For a power meeting to win over a new company I have a tailored fitted suit complete with black pumps.  Hair up a must and no glitter shadow that day.  Hasn't failed me yet.

Summer I am in nothing but sundresses and skirts.  I don't care how much I weigh I feel great.  

SO Loves my butt in jeans so I will wear for him if we are going bar hopping.  

I CANNOT STAND to have someone touch my feet but they are pretty!  I do them myself.  

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Classy, I love wearing sundresses and lightweight maxis in the summer!

I'm okay with someone touching my feet for pedis, but rarely get the foot/leg massage. I cannot stand to have my shoulders/back massaged by anyone other than my DH!

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I feel I look my best if I go to the hair salon or use a curling iron in my long hair (which I rarely take time to do). The good hair always makes my face look so much better!

Also, to feel the most beautiful, I like to wear a dress, especially in the summer.

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While I feel best if I wear my hair down, I don't always have time. That's why I have half a dozen cowboy hats!

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This post made me make an appointment with my stylist. My hair needs a ...something. I want to go SHORT. I'm just not sure of the style yet. 

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I wish I could rock short hair. My sister can - it's cut above her ears, short and sassy. I look AWFUL in short hair.