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OT - Tone-up Tuesday

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Happy Tuesday, STalkers! Sorry I'm so late to the game, but this day has been nuckin' futz!!!

How goes it with you? As crazy as it's been for me, I'm getting in MY steps, my boss's steps, and a couple of my coworkers...

When you're not where you want to be weight-wise, what do you do to make yourself feel better and looking your best (don't say eat chocolate....)? Do you style your hair a certain way? Wear a particular outfit?

On days I want to look my best and need to dress-to-impress, I'm a fan of the Empire Silhouette. I prefer maxi dresses that almost hit the floor (or hit below the calf, at the very least) with an Empire Waist. Not familiar with that style? It's a dress with a fitted bodice that ends just below the bust, with a flairing skirt. For women who don't have a defined waistline, it gives the illusion of one.

For casual wear, I wear jeans that skim my figure (SKIM, not HUG - no clothes digging in!) and a top that gives you a waistline (whether you have one or not). Long shirts that hang down over your hiney can make you look dumpy and curveless. I prefer a shirt that hits about 2 inches below my belt.


How about you? What makes you feel BETTER when you feel you're not looking your BEST?


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I put on makeup. The better I'm feeling, the less makeup I have on. I've been wearing a lot of makeup the past few months. LMAO

Today was more minimalist than I've been in a long time though. So I really feel I'm making progress again Smile

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Lol. That's because I stress out and start snapping at people when I skip the gym Aniki. i'm in shape for everyone else's health! 



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As silly as it sounds I put on a dress...not just any dress I have one in particular that dress for some reason I love myself in.. Its a retro 1950s get up makes me feel..idk different? Lol Audrey Hepburn ripoff Smile

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Nice!! I have more than a dozen maxi dresses, but they are not all created equally...LOL

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A long, hot, scented bubble bath cures any bad day for me, Aniki.

I work in a formal environment, so I love jeans and t-shirts or pretty shirts and no make up  when on my own time.
My hair knows one style, think Princess Merida...
Very long, red, wavy and brushed with a hurricane.

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Oooooooooo, Letti, I luuuuv Princess Merida's hair!! Mine is blonde and slighly wavy. If I curl it and it rains, my hair goes straight and limp. If I leave it straight and it rains, my hair goes frizzy and wavy. I can't win!

Pssssst... you can have that bubble bath. I prefer a shower. Biggrin

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I light my candles and listen to some smooth jazz music when I don't feel my best. When I want to feel beautiful I have these sexy "pretty woman boots" that I wear.

I feel absolutely fabulous and no one can tell me a d@mn thing Wink

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Bonita Siempre, are you wearing anything other than those sexy boots? Wink

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I have a couple of  'mermaid' skirts that make me feeel great and look so good! DH luvs my butt in those lol!

Gimme a hot bath, good book and baileys on the rocks girl. <3

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Ermagawd, you ROCK the mermaid! Your wedding dress was mermaid style. It's kinda too bad you didn't wear a mermaid skirt and matching bra because you have the perfect figure for it!!! MidwestMrs, you were such a bee-yoo-tee-full bride. *kiss3*