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OT - Tuesday Museday

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Yes, yes. I'm stealing this from Engelbert Humperdinck. (Thanks to my mother, I grew up on EH music.)

Anyhoo... It's getting close to a year since my job went into quarantine and I've been musing about what has changed, what I like/dislike about the rules and regulations, what I wish would end/continue...


  • Changes
    • I no longer loathe WFH and want it to last forever
    • The commute is stress-free (20 feet)
    • I'm cooking a LOT more (7 days a week)
    • Greater wilingness to move out of my cooking comfort zone
    • Didn't think it was possible, but DH and I are closer than ever
  • Likes
    • I enjoy being at home because I prefer minimal socializing, which means...
    • No need to make excuses to get out of social invites
    • (Love!) Maintain a 6 foot distance. Hey, I'm a Finn and 6 feet is caca. 6 MILES would be better! *lol*
  • Dislikes
    • Wearing a mask. Yes, I wear it without fail, but I bloody well detest it, get a rash when wear time exceeds an hour, and am on the verge of a panic attack the entire time (courtesy of things my psycho exh did to me and of which we shall not speak)
    • Those who get p!ssy with me because I won't be part of their little rebellion (my sister)
    • All of the damn arguing. Covid and the vaccine have joined the list of UN-topics: religion, politics, and xxx. 
  • Continue
    • Distance at the movies, restaurants, etc. Not looking forward to being in the theater with someone hogging the armrest or kicking the back of my seat.
  • End
    • The ugliness. Wouldn't it be something if kindness became the new norm?


Do YOU like Engelbert? *biggrin*


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I'm used to working from home now and the commute is great but I need to get into an office occasionally.  I loath Zoom/teams/video chat.

Cooking has improved too.

I'm lucky that I don't have any covid deniers in my orbit so I'm spared that stress.

Off to check on my lime-limoncello no bake cheese cake.  Yum.  *ROFL*

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I think my cooking has improved. For the first time, I was willing to make a stew that is 'soupy'. It was so good, I've made it several times!

Lime-limoncello no bake cheese cake?! I'll put on some more coffee!

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Dislikes:  wearing a mask Dang well hate it, BUT I do. I respect others so I do.I get what you call maskne , at my age! Luckily my mask covers it up. LOL

               People at work who do not keep their distance. I bark at them so they are getting better.

Likes:  I have become a world class chef, even if I am cooking for one. 

Lets hope after all this shizaz is said and done  "everybody get together and try to love one another right now"  (song the Youngbloods. )My dad introduced me to this type of music

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Maskne, huh? First time I've heard that!


Double that and I'll bring bread or wine or dessert or...

Oh, I do like that song! Singing it now....

Come on, people now
Smile on your brother
Everybody get together
Try to love one another right now

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maskne is the new acne! Dang its purty

Bring the wine, heck bring a box of wine I am not fussy. Dessert  please!

I was playing that song after I thought of it and my boss was singing along in his office! Now its stuck in my head, and his LOL

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I have grown so much in the last year not only in my work but also just in my personal life. I try to stop and take a step back anytime I feel myself getting sucked into arguments or debates. I have learned that my knowing the answer to something doesn't mean I need to provide it. Instead I have started listening more and talking less.

I like that things have shifted in my marriage and in my friendships and I have been able to better arrange what is most important to me and how I can be a better wife/mother and friend.

I dislike what the past year has done to society, it scares me to think that the could be the beginning of the end of what we know as a society.

cancel culture and the need for everybody to agree with their opinion and only theirs. I am just waiting for the day cancel culture cancels them.

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I have started listening more and talking less.

Wouldn't it be lovely if more people did that? TRULY listened?

My DH believes life has been forever altered; not all good.

I agree! But... Could we cancel some of those silly "reality" shows that are really scripted dramatics? 

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Yes, life has changed forever.  But that's what life does, keeps changing.  Some of the changes are positive.  I'm thinking of the many people who can now work from home saving money on transportation and clothes, no commutes, etc.  Use of technology has been forcibly accelerated, that puts more people in the info loop.  The masks are also a blessing in disguise.  The flu has been minimal this year, also streps and colds, imo from the mask-wearing.  Next winter, even if covid is gone, I'll wear one to stay healthy.  I also think the economy will bounce back, people are desperate to get out and they'll spend money.  I think we will have a new Roaring Twenties, just hope it doesn't end like the last one.  Lol.

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JRI, I agree that it keeps changes. He believes we're on a downhill slide - and not a good one.

I think of those stuck at home facing an increase of domestic violence and kids missing that one good meal a day at school.

Yes, the flu, strep, colds have been minimal. But it's a bit worrisome about my immune system muscles getting flabby. Sad

Psssst... my arse is too fat for a flapper dress!

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Would also add under Dislikes - lack of travel and family visits.  My family lives in a different part of the country and I haven't been able to visit them since the pandemic started.

Dislike and Like - masks.  I dislike wearing them but frankly will probably continue to do so after getting vaccinated, especially places like airports and planes (I almost always catch a cold when flying - so I think wearing a mask will help).

Agree with ending cancel culture, for sure.  A different or unpopular opinion should not be enough.  I don't know why everyone suddenly feels like their opinion is the only right one.

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We still travel but it is only to our family farm (in the toolies). We take our own food so "contact" is limited to gas pumps.

I will wear masks as long as required, but my desire to socialize is damn near dead. At this point, if I never attend another party, I don't care.

Cancel culture, for whatever reason, reminds me of a SpongeBob episode where he was trying to be just like everyone else. He turned into a rounded, poreless blah and his friends missed him. Being different is good!

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When it comes to distance learning for kiddos. Its just really hard and not getting human interactions is damaging I feel.

Can we just cancel "cancel Culture" I have some friends who do this because they are triggered and hurting, but its not "the way".

I think that the only thing I like about this is the roads to work are clearer - no traffic jams. I miss all the parties and socializing and street fairs and music events...I miss my friends. 

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Summer festivals and outdoor concerts/movies!  Parties, not at all.  

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CLove, I disliked it in the beginning, but have adapted. I do NOT miss human interaction with coworkers. *unknw*

Yeeesssss, let's cancel Cancel Culture! *clapping*

Sweetie, you must be an extrovert.  I'm sorry. 

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I go both ways. Im perfectly happy going shopping alone, reading a book while dining at a restaurant alone, being alone in my home...movies alone sometimes...

But I love house parties, garden parties, street fairs and festivals. Each year we have different festivals for different foods as well as fruits and vegetables, especially music.  Americanca, Blues, Jazz, Modern Mixed, Bacon festival, Artichoke festival, Strawberry festival. Art Festivals (several) even Poetry festivals. So its basically wander around, seeing friends, buying stuff eating and drinking. Miss that so much!

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Sounds like you're an ambivert. Smile

I can tolerate being in a crowd for an hour or so as long as I can move easily. But I always need recovery time afterwards.

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I have never been a germaphobe but there are things that I've always thought a little strange and Covid has really brought it home. If I never shake anybody's hand again, I'd be okay with that.

Pre-Covid, we did so many things that so easily spread germs and it just seems so gross, now.

I am tired of wearing masks when I go out and about.

By the way, my mother LOVED Engelbert Humperdinck. My dad took her to see him 3 times in Vegas, and she got brought up onstage with him once. I managed to see him in concert, years later, when my friend wanted to see him for her bachelorette party, and he happened to be in town (at a casino, no less). It was bittersweet, as my mom died when I was 17. I cried through the whole concert, thinking about my mom. But, I'm glad I went (it was a good cry). He knew how to swoon the ladies!

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Agree with the handshaking, but am put off by elbow bumps. How about a nice Vulcan (hand) salutation?

My Mom had every EH album. The entire family enjoyed his music - and we still do! So sad that his wife passed earlier this month. *cray2*

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Stop and think about bowling.  We stuck our fingers in communal ball holes and then ate finger food (most of us washed our hands, but still)  and had beers like nothing could touch us.  Those were the germy days lol.

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I've always believed those close encounters strengthened my immune system! And alcohol kills germs, dammit.

Gimmy, you need a Corpse Reviver #2...