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OT - Tone-up Tuesday

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Happy Tuesday, STalkers! Anyone else having a Monday 2.0? Gaaaaah. Tone-up Tuesday or Tubby Tuesday - how goes it with you? I don't know if I ate something bad or if I had a 24-hour virus, but last night I was on my knees, worshipping the porcelain god. Think I'm down a couple of pounds after that...

What do you like to wear when you work out? I've tried yoga pants, but feel like my fat arse is jiggling all over the place. I prefer spandex capris to minimize the jiggle and keep my legs cool (long pants make me sweat more - blech). Racer-back sports bra so no straps are slipping and eliminate any shoulder chafing and an oversized t-shirt. Sweatband and hair in a ponytail are a must.

Are you ready to sweat?!


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Racer-back maximum support bra. (I see no need for minimum support... I don't want to have to dig through bras to find one for every specific acitivty....).

Normally a tank top, though tbh I'll wear T-shirts too.

Socks (best are puma athletic socks imho)

I wear basically any type of pants, sweats, yoga pants, spandex capris, shorts, etc. Not picky there. As long as they aren't trying to fall down while I run and I'm not showing my bare butt to the world because the shorts are too short, I'm good!

Shoes I'm picky about though. I like semi-lightweight, something that supports my arch just enough, and flexible soles so I can move and it doesn't feel like I'm carrying a brick or my foot is strapped to a board. I typically prefer Nike. I own like 4 pairs right now... LMAO. I bought some for myself for my birthday this weekend. I tried on about 15 pairs before I found some I really liked. I normally bouce around to check how they feel on impact before buying too. (funniest part about this... I literally will throw on any shoes for casual wear... I'm ONLY picky about workout shoes. LOL)

If it's going to be a particuarly hard workout I normally wear a hat to help keep the sweat out of my eyes... Started that a few months ago and it's been a LIFE SAVER.

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I used to wear Nike, but they stopped making my preferred shoe style, so I switched to Reebok about 25 years ago! I'll have to check out those socks. I'm just as picky about socks as the shoes. I want 70-100% cotton and they can't be too thick or my feet get too hot.

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They stopped making mine. But thankfully I found some other styles I likes. I try on other brands. I've just found nike is more likely to have the ones I prefer. I do have one pair of adidas right now though!

You should check out the socks!!! They're great! some of the ones I have are fairly thin on top. So they provide enough material on the bottom that I'm not going to tear holes on my first trip to the gym, but they still breathe!!!

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I'm having a tubby Tuesday! Haha. It has been nearly a month since I've been to the gym because I have been terribly ill with one thing right after the other and a few allergic reactions to medications in between, and because I'm feeling so poorly, I'm not up to making healthy food and so I'm grabbing all the wrong things or not eating at all. I haven't stepped on a scale yet... I'm hopefully going back to the gym next week? So we shall see what damage has been done. Oh well. I can start over again. And again. 

My favorite sports bra is the Lululemon Energy Bra. I'm busty and I actually really sweat when I work out and I love the support they give but also how they really do wick away the sweat. 

I cannot work out in a T-shirt! They make me feel claustrophobic. Like PA, I'm a tank top gal and I prefer long pants because then I can hid my stubbly, unshaved legs! Hahaha. I wish I could find more pants that weren't so high waisted because I feel they fold and roll down as I'm working out. 

Hair must be up! Again, I envy all you shimmery-sweaters but if my hair is down, it turns into a matted, gross, wet mess. No thank you. I usually do a "ballerina bun" (pulled tight, not the cute messy one) and use a Goody no-slip headband to keep sweat and fly-aways out of my face. 

I'm excited to see what everyone else works out in. I live in workout gear (I work from home most days) and am always on the search for new brands and styles that look cute as athleisure wear but can also hold up to an actual workout. 


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My workout tshirts are oversized and BAGGY. I can use them to mop my face, if needed. LOL

I've heard of those lululemon, but never looked into getting one. Hmmm...

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Sorry to hear about your virus! I hope you feel better soon.

I wear spandex capris, a racer back bra I bought at target which is much better than the one I bought at a higher end store, a technical shirt (like Under Armor) or a regular t-shirt, nice footie socks and a pair of Skechers lightweight sneakers. I have Brooks running shoes, but I'm not allowed to run and they are pretty thick to work out in.

I'm not having a chubby Tuesday - so far so good. I hit a plateau with my dieting last week and spent 3 days indulging just a LITTLE. I think my body thought I was starving so it went into survival mode. A little Guinness and Guinness stew set that right and the weight is going down again.

As a matter of fact, the jeans I ordered in the next size smaller are on my butt right now. They fit! The jeans are Levi's 505, but I'm not in love with the stretch. It's like a hollow victory to fit right into the jeans - I had expected to need to lose another 5-7 pounds to fit into size 10 jeans. Also, they sent me long jeans instead of regular length, so they are bunching up at the knees. These will be exchanged for the regular length, but I think I need to find NORMAL Levi's without a ton of stretch. They don't make my favorites anymore: Levi's 525.

Anywho - back at the gym tonight. Class and then swimming. Smile

Keep at it ladies (and gents).

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New jeans on the butt - yippee!!! Good for you, FB! Guinness stew sounds yummy.

Thank you, sweetie. I actually feel just fine now. You should have seen me last night. My face was pale green. I slept poorly until about 3am, then finally got a couple hours of really deep sleep. I'm a little tired (nothing new), but feel a-okay. I'm very thankful it was a SHORT illness!

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I'm glad you're on your way back to feeling good!!

Re: the ponytail, my hair is no longer long enough for a pony tail. I had it all cut off on Friday to get rid of the brown hair color. I'm almost entirely my natural hair color - many shades of gray. The cut is similar to Jamie Lee Curtis. Super cute. I get a lot of compliments.

Can't bring myself to wear a sweatband - so 80's LOL. I carry a handtowel with me.

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Glad you're feeling better amiga!

I like to work out in tshirts, racerback tops, workout leggings/carpris with pockets. My hair is always in a poney tail. Could never understand how some women work out with their hair out.....I absolutely love New Balance sneakers but I like Nike too.

Speaking of workout gear I need to get back on track....I have a trip coming up Dance 4

Have a great day Aniki!

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Muchas gracias. Siempre!

I have spandex capris with thigh side pockets. My phone goes in one side and my wallet goes in the other (it's a THIN wallet!).

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I prefer tight things to work out in - there's no slippage!  Ponytail required to keep hair out of face. Sweat = gone with arm wipe.  Unless it's summer then I have to deal with sunscreen sweat which hurts and I take a cloth with me.

Today:  Getting a cold so did a 35 min walking loop instead of 45-1 hr.  Still feeling cruddy.  Drinking mint tea and honey at the moment. Working from home.

Also Today:  Got a call from my neighbor that her husband had a stroke and they are at the hospital.  Horrid news because we love them and get together with them about once a week.  I have to go walk their dog this afternoon.  It's a fairly minor one, but he has lost some mobility on one side and speech is affected...they are just getting a new business up and running too...

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Cover, I hope you're feeling better soon.

So sorry to hear about your neighbor. One of my former coworkers had a stroke and made a full recovery within a few weeks. Hopefully, he will, too.