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OT - Tone-up Tuesday

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It's been a minute since we've had a TuT, hasn't it? And Fat Aniki doesn't have much of anything at the moment so...

We're closing in on the holidays and EATING. In fact, holiday eating has already begun with Halloween goodies (you should see the piles of candy at my work!).

Some have trouble saying no. Others avoid, avoid, then gorge. And there are those who fast until they can gorge.

So. What are some tricks you use to NOT overindulge or to feel full so you don't/can't eat as much?

Celery sticks? Metamucil? Swallow a balloon?

Please share your tips!


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Frankly. I try and be smart with my choices. But if I'm really craving something, I eat it.  The longer I avoid it, the more I crave it and I'm more likely to overdo it later.  Whereas, when I give myself a little taste when i'm craving, it satisfies the craving, AND prevents me from overdoing later.

When i crave chocolate I try and stick to dark chocolate (70-78%) and eat just a LITTLE bit of it.  Other sweet things I do similar.  Just try to make the slightly smarter choice, while still eating some and killing the craving before it goes too far.

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" The longer I avoid it, the more I crave it and I'm more likely to overdo it later."

LOL! Yea... I had been craving chocolate chip cookies for MONTHS. I finally made some 2 weekends ago. Y'all would be ashamed if you knew how long they (didn't) last in my house.

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I WISH that chocolate chip cookies were the only choice. I can't stand them!!!

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Avoiding it is no bueno! I put off eating Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for sooooooo long that I bought/ate a King-sized pack instead of a couple of little ones. *dash1*

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My latest strategy is having the flu, which has been with me now for 2 weeks - I believe I have probably lost about 7lb although I have not been on the scales to check - going by my jeans.  However it is not pleasant - I would not recommend it.  One trick I used when actively trying to lose weight was freezing pieces of fresh banana - you should do it in a Tupperware, between grease proof paper so they don't all stick together.  It tastes like banana ice cream.   Other than that just drink a large glass of plain water. 

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Kes, I adore you but I do NOT like banana ice cream. However.... banana slices with some dark chocolate drizzled over them = YUM!

Hope you're better soon, sweetness. xoxo

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^ You can also puree the banana and add a touch of peanut butter and milk (add stevia or a touch of honey if you have a sweet tooth) and freeze it to make "nice cream." 

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It would have to be honey for me. I cannot stand any of the funky/artificail sweeteners. *bad*

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My latest strategy is working a treat; I am so uptight about the impending skid wedding that I've lost my appetite. So far I've lost half a stone (7lb). I suppose there's a positive in everything!

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I'm the complete opposite! Appetite just goes out the window, which sometimes is no bad thing.