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OT - Tone-up Tuesday

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Happy Tuesday, STalkers!

How goes it with your healthy eating/workouts/diets?

I feel like a fat walrus, but my belt still buckles in the same place, so....


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The girls did yoga with me last night!!! They approached me and wanted to know if we could do it together! SD9 did the whole thing with me (more or less, I was still pretty impressed), SD5 jumped in and out on a whim, lol.

But I'd say it isn't going well. I'm normally an every day except Sunday kind of person. It's been a struggle though being consistent with how stressed out I've been... Everything going on has just exhausted me mentally and physically... So I've been inconsistent and haven't felt as good as I normally do... Plus the nausea from the stress really doesn't help me meet most of my fitness goals right now. I haven't gained weight, but I don't feel as confident as I do when I'm consistently at the gym every day either.

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Stress can do terrible things to your body - both mentally and physically. {{{hugs}}}

P.S. I like my yoga with fresh fruit...

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It's really just exhausted me and makes me feel a bit sick. Plus now my account was over-drafted since the hotel my parents paid for, thought it would charge both me and my parents... Yay... They're fixing it, but it's still a thorn in my side.

I love fresh fruit! I tried to grow some... The late season planting and Alabama heat killed them Sad

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I really think life is laughing at me today. But at least I was to work on time? lol

I LOVE the fresh fruit and veggies! They taste so much better than other things!!!

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I have really been putting in an effort and have lost almost 25 lbs since the spring.  The funny thing is that I know that when I am exercising regularly and eating well that mentally I am in a much better place.... even if the stressors remain the same!  But when I am in a funk.. I can't make myself do the very thing that is more likely to make me feel better. 

Anyway, at least I am on track for right now.  I got a subscription to the Beachbody on Demand streaming workouts.  It is about 99 a YEAR but gives me access to pretty much all their content online.  I like it because I figured I could try a lot of stuff without having to buy each and every program.  Plus no CD's to keep up with.  99/year is cheaper than a  I was drinking their shakeology too... which does have a lot of good stuff in it, but honestly was having a lot of heartburn at paying over 100/month for it.  So, I found a substitute in a Nature's Bounty product that I can get for about 12 dollars a month so that is a lot more affordable and it seems to have a lot of the same benefits as the BB product.  I did the same with the pre-workout drink mix and saved a lot there.  Don't get me wrong, I do believe in the BB products and that they are good/effective, but if I can save over 100/month... that adds up.  (I'm not a coach so am not trying to get people to buy so it wasn't like I could offset my cost by getting people to use it... I don't have time for that!)

I stay pretty much on track with my eating during the week.  I will go off plan on Saturdays when I see my hubby.

All in all, I have been losing 1-2 pounds a week pretty steady.


Edit to correct pricing on the BBOD... 99/year is what I

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I admire your diligence!

I've been stressed/depressed eating, which is always a bad thing. I'm certain that my 5-days-a-week breakfast protein shake has helped keep me from packing on the pounds.

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Oh no, Aniki!!
You mentioned healthy eating and here I just finished off my double thick chocolate ice cream shake...
(I don't feel guilty at all Smile )
To me DIET = Did I Eat That?
Oh yes I DID!! Smile

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Letti, I have a great big Blum 3 for you! LOL

I get Core Power High Protein Milk Shakes - and they actually taste like a milkshake!

My problem is Did I Eat That is all the bloody time!

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I ruined my eating with some fast food for lunch (chick fil à though, so not the worst, but still makes me stuffed to the brim).

Now I’m sort of lazing about wondering if life gets better after teenagers (I might reset BC and AD to the date my teen launches. Before children would be 2003, and After departure will be 2021.)

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I ate 6 WintOgreen lifesavers and my teeth feel like they're coated with sugar fur. Blech!!!

The SDs were both teenagers when DH and I got together. I can say with no uncertainty that, as far as those beeyotches are concerned, it has gotten WORSE.

SS19, however? He is actually now a joy to know. BUT, that may be because he has escaped BioHo's nefarious clutches and no longer resides under her roof (and it makes her CRAZY!).

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Well mostly not so new. . .at a store called "Savers"   Giant thrift store; right up my alley!  Still trying to be good on my diet.