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OT - Tone-Up Tuesday

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Happy Tuesday, STalkers! How goes it?

After all the steroids I had to take, i'm surprised I only gained 5 lbs. Steroids make me eat like a fat man at a hot dog eating contest!

Fall at LAST and cooler temps. Makes it easier to get outside for some sunshine and fresh air and not sweat like an Olympian.

What is your favorite Fall activity? Kayaking and canoeing top my list.


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I like to run in the Fall, especially early Fall when there aren't too many slippery leaves on the ground. But my favorite Fall activity is apple-picking!!

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RIpe apples mean fresh apple cider with hot, salty popcorn and snuggling up to watch movies!

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Kayaking Coneing.  I used to do TONS of hiking in the fall. I miss the mountains.... A lot. (Also actually decent Mexican food... This area of the south just doesn't seem to quite grasp it...)

Also I love how the "More Like This" column is completely just "OT- Tone-up Tuesday" again and again.

Welcome back!!! I missed you!!!

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Glad to be back, PA! I'm not 100%, but I'm getting better. Half days at work this week. DH and I are hoping to go hiking at Estivant Pines soon. Fingers crossed!

It is? Wow!

And now I want Mexican food!! LOL

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Yay fo rhiking soon! Keep recovering!!! You were missed!

It is, also I virtually ALWAYS want GOOD mexican food... lol

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DH took me for a drive on Sunday and we did a little bit of walking (no HIKING). It tired me out!

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Gardening - and house updates.

I'm currently digging out some old garden features that the former owners allowed to "disappear" under grass and other plants.  I've found a new rock border - it'll be a b*tch to dig out but it'll look great.  I have to find some deer proof plants (if they exist) as well and we provide a nice over-night/early morning yard for about 3-4 residents.  Our grapes are the "deer candy."

I'm also ripping out old, overgrown herbs in the back in preparation for some work DH and I are going to do back there next year.

DH and and I are also doing some bedroom updates this fall.

Other activities include more bread making, walks on the weekends, I'm going to break open my complicated cookie and cake cookbook (I don't generally eat them but my neighbors/co-workers are happy).

It rains a lot here so my indoor activities are essential to not becoming a catatonic blob.

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Darn it - the link to my state info is not working.  Will search out on my own.

Deer do not eat my herbs (yay!) nor the roses (tearing out the older, strangely placed and going dead bush this fall too, but keeping the cute mini-roses!).  They don't eat the more poisonous English Laurel either, but are known to in other locations near us...I wish our deer would! 

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Crying.. I hate fall because it means winter is coming.  I know.. I know.. people say they love having "four seasons"  Well, you know what we get here?  The worst of all of them.  Hot and humid summer... cold, icy snow... wet falls and springs.. hurricanes.  I don't like the area I live.. like REALLY don't like it.  Moving is not an option for at least 6 years.. (early retiremement with a pension).  I mean.. I actually love my job.. but wish I didn't have to be HERE to do 

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I luuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrvvvv Halloween!!! I need to decide on this year's costume!!!

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Bonfires (everytime of year ), Hoping to start enjoying Halloween again, crisp air, cold beer, and hopefully soon a new home.

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I love fall weather but here on the Gulf Coast it doesn’t really arrive until about January.