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OT - Tone-up Tuesday

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Happy Tuesday, STalkers! Some of us are in the Arctic Vortex and experiencing extremely cold temps. If you’re going outside to exercise, be sure to STRETCH and WARM UP! Don’t forget to dress appropriately and eat/drink!



First Layer
Long underwear should fit tightly against the body and be made of a wicking material to keep moisture away from your skin. Try synthetic fabrics such as polypropylene and stay away from cotton fabric because that holds water against your body.

Mid Layer
Mid layers are very important because they work to absorb the moisture out of your long underwear and evaporate it into the environment. Again, it is best to use synthetic fabric but wool is a great substitute. Pay close attention to the fit, as the mid layers work by trapping air and preventing it from circulating and carrying away your body heat. This layer will be your daily pants and shirt. Make sure they are not too baggy.

Insulation Layer
This layer will be a warm coat with several inches of loft or thickness. Thickness is warmth. Using a synthetic insulation is recommended for working in potential cold/wet conditions.

Shell Layer
The most important layer other than the long underwear layer is this wind shell layer. Studies conducted by Recreational Equipment Co-Op show that in still air, wind shells worn over any garment can add up to 25 degrees of warmth. In windy conditions, wind shells can increase warmth by 50 degrees or more. Find a soft garment made of treated fabric that stop wind and water but have little or no insulation of their own.  This is useful lightweight protection to pair with thick insulation layers.


Tips to Stay Warm While Working Outdoors

  • Hat or head band that covers the ears is key
  • Hand and feet warmers
  • Wool socks
  • Wool lined gloves
  • Wear a non-cotton scarf or neck gator for wind protection on your face.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Eat plenty of calories



Make a Quick Change
When you come inside, don't linger in your outside clothes. As soon as possible, change into something warm and dry. Wear a light, dry layer next to your skin and add thicker insulating layers. Cotton is great because it's lightweight and comfortable.

Slip into Slippers
Leave your cold shoes at the door. After you get into some dry socks, cover your feet with a pair of warm slippers (wool ones are best). Slippers keep your feet off cold floors and go a long way toward maintaining a feeling of warmth.

Wrap Extremities
Cover those places where blood flows close to the skin. Cover your wrists with a long-sleeve shirt, throw on a sweater with a turtleneck collar to warm your neck, and pull on socks long enough to cover your ankles. And don't forget to cover your head -- a baseball cap will do fine indoors. Yoopers like chooks!

Eat Sweet and Hot
Calories mean heat, and the ideal winter treat is a cup of hot cocoa or sweetened tea. Avoid eating cold foods or drinking cold liquids, which will, not surprisingly, make you feel colder.

Pump Up, Heat Up
Even a few quick exercises will get you toasty and warm again. Here's an easy one: Try clenching and unclenching your buttocks and fists a dozen or so times in a row. Not only will this make you seem fierce to kids, spouses, and small animals, you'll feel much warmer. Other exercises such as sit-ups and push-ups work just fine too, if you want to opt for a more conventional look.


As for me, I'll be doing some jumping jacks or marching in place. Dirol


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I dressed for snow today because the forcast said a 100% chance of snow at 7AM... We got ZERo snow and now it's sunny Sad

I'm sad as he!! right now. I thougth something positive was going to happen and we were going to be thrust into some snow!!!

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We've got negative temps that are downright dangerous. It's a DON'T travel unless necessary. Schools, workplaces... we've got closings. Naturally, I'm grinding away and DH just left for work.

Wish I could send some snow your way, sunshine! xoxo

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All the schools shut down. My work got stubborn and said "Let's stay open!" But the majority of the town is deal. My morning commute had literally like 2 other cars on the road. lol

If you find a way, send the snow!!! Also be safe!!!

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The cold didn't stop Heikinpäivä yesterday. Finns are tough! But it's a good thing the Polar Bear Dive was Saturday and not today! LOL

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Hola Aniki!

Keep warm amiga and do those jumping jacks they will keep you warm, along with some hot cocoa and a shot of something else Dance 4


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Hola Siempre!!

I like dark hot chocolate spiked with Rumpleminz!

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The temp here today was in the 30s so I forgo a bike ride for a hike.  By the time I get out there the sun is up and it's WARM.  Darn it.  But I went for an hour anyway - the tide was coming in so I couldn't add on the extra 30 min I wanted, so I stopped and TOOK OFF MY COAT and did some pushups.  It was that crazy warm. 

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Wow! We'll have some serious negative temps shortly. Dangerously negative. It will be.... interesting in the morning. 

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We have extreme high temperatures over here in Australia. Days in a row and nonstop . Too hot to do anything ourside after 7 in the morning. No sign of rain or a break in the weather.