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OT - Tone-Up Tuesday

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Happy Tuesday, STalkers! Are you enjoying Fall? It's a balmy 47 degrees here (that's still shorts weather!) and the fall colors are popping out all over. Color will likely be at peak next week and it's always so beautiful. There are roads with trees so close to the edge, it's like driving through a canopy of colors. I swear, I want to stop every 20 feet and take a new picture because each view seems better than the last.

Does Fall invigorate you? Do you enjoy getting outside and smelling the crisp, unique aroma of Fall? DH and I plan to go canoeing next week (he gets to do most of the work since I still tire easily). Take a walk or ride a bike and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature. IMO, it won't feel much like exercise! It's raining? Grab an umbrella! Nothing makes Fall colors POP like dark gray skies and rain-drenched leaves.

What do you like to do in the Fall?


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Running and Hiking! And honestly I think fall BBQs are more fun than summer ones in the heat... Also it's almost Halloween... So anything I can do that involves that!!!

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Halloween is SO much fun!! Every year, I carve 4 or 5 pumpkins for my sister's party (she also hands out candy on Halloween and the kids love them!). I have yet to figure out my costume and the part is... 25 days away!

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I still have to finish figuring mine out too.... But I love all things halloween! The scary, the decorations, the candy, the constumes, teh pumpkin carving!!! All of it!!

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Classy, that's cool!!!

Psssst.... baking goes SO well with Tone-Up Tuesday. Wink

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While I love the Summer I really enjoy the Fall. I love driving and seeing the folliage. The different color of leaves from organge, red, yellow, green. I love the crackling of leaves, the scent of nutmeg and cinnamon from baking pumpkin pies. I absolutely look forward to Halloween and the endless marathon of scary movies I can catch up on while curled with some hot cocoa and a book. Not to mention football season and the spirit of change is in the air. Crisp mornings and nights make for great sweater weather and uggs.......Not to mention Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before we know it....

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Bonfires, hot chocolate, toasted marshmallows...

I am NOT looking forward to Skidmas!

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It’s going to be 91F here today. Fall is still weeks if not months away for the Gulf Coast.