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OT - Tone-up Tuesday

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It's that day again, STalkers!

What's your favorite kind of exercise? The one that doesn't FEEL like exercise?

I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrv to swim (and hate to sweat!). When I'm in the water, I can FEEL the stress and tension and bad vibes flowing out of my fingertips with every stroke. I am simultaneoulsy invigorated and soothed. Best part? If I'm sweating, I can't tell!



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Walking - I love to walk - especially around a neighborhood.  You see 10x more than when you drive past.  Part of the reason I bought our current home is that we are on a walking path around a small lake a park.

BUT - now with my leg issue I can no longer walk.

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Swimming and pull-ups and throwing tires!!! They just feel so much more productive! An di'm a sweaty disgusting mess... I love it when my muscles get sore though.. It's a good soreness... Less pain... It feels like acocmplishment to me. LMAO

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It does Aniki. That and punching bags are some of my favorites!

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So much! If I ever get a few spare hundred dollars I'm buying one for the house... I'll keep it in the garage and go out there and beat it up...

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Love long hikes and long bike rides.  I also love to swim, but only in lakes and not crammed into a pool full of humans.

Anything in nature feels like fun and not work.  

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When I was with the Psycho, he was training for bi/triathlons. On weekends, we did 75-100 mile bike rides. That training was probably the best part the whole nightmare!

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I like walks and swimming (but no access to a pool boooo!) and like workout videos that are dance focused too.  But, I also like the strength training ones where I can feel my body getting stronger!

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I'd say biking as I bike almost every day - but my commute IS exercise and involves a lot of hills and a lot of sweat.  However, I went mountain biking the other day and it was just pure FUN!  Even though I was sweaty and covered in dirt at the end.  SO FUN!

Also yoga - I don't always do easy stretching and often get into over-and hour long sessions that get the sweat flowing but by the end, I'm always relaxed, not like I exercised at all.

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Find a good beginner class with an instructor you like.  If you dislike the instructor, it won't be producive.  Then, go in with zero expecations.  It's not a competitive sport.



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If you ever find yourself in the area... I have two yoga mats and would love a yoga buddy that dousn't try and climb me like a monkey!!! (SD5... lol)

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Stair running is my favourite for weight loss. It does feel like a workout though, but it's my favourite, because I'm very motivated due to the results I get. Karate is my number one love, so I could do all-day seminars and not notice that I'm sweating. I experience pure joy doing karate.

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Long ago, shortly after the Earth's crust cooled, I ran stairs as part of my fitness routine for discus and shot. Great leg workout and helps keep your hiney toned!