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OT - Tone-up Tuesday

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Happy Tuesday, STalkers!

Tone-up or Tubby? With all of the running around I had to do to close on the house, and a high dose of insomina (anxiety + stress) I'm ashamed to admit that I have been existing on too much sugar (caffeine has no effect on me) to keep me awake, alert, and MOVING. While I haven't gained any weight, I'm feeling tubby and pimply. Now you know my dirty secret - middle-aged acne is the key to my youthful appearance! Wink

Let's have a little (and I do mean little) fun today.

  • Workout alone or with someone?
  • Indoors or outdoors?
  • Fave workout attire?
  • Do you glow or sweat?
  • Fave drink while working out?
  • How do you feel when you're done?


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Workout alone or with someone?

Indoors or outdoors?
Indoors for weight equipment, outdoors for swimming

Fave workout attire?
Spandex capris, sports bra, and tank or t-back swimsuit

Do you glow or sweat?
I sweat like an Olympic gold medalist

Fave drink while working out?

How do you feel when you're done?
Exhausted, but accomplished

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I'm in tubby mode. My appetite is back after my hospital stay and I am 9lbs heavier than I was a few weeks ago. Ugh.

Workout alone or with someone? With someone. Helps keep me motivated.

Indoors or outdoors? Outdoors. C'mon summer, get here soon!

Fave workout attire? Leggings, t-shirt. I'm low key. 

Do you glow or sweat? Sweat like a pig, especially my head, which is the most obvious part of me.

Fave drink while working out? Water.

How do you feel when you're done? Good and accomplished, with renewed hopes that I can keep up the new workout routine. 

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DPW, my head will sweat before any other part of my body. So annoying. You can have your Summer, woman. Winter is my favorite season!

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Listen lady, we are in the same geographical area... if you don't get on the summer bandwagon soon, I'll have to disown you! It's been a loooooooooong winter. LOL

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Today is my 1/2 work at home day then at lunch I'm off for VACATION!  With trepidation, and with much packing/organization to do, but it's still VACATION!

Workout alone or with someone?

Last night I biked home with a friend.  This morning was my 45 min walk - I always ask DH to go with me, but that's yet to happen.  He knows I walk fast.

Indoors or outdoors?

Outdoors!  . 

Fave workout attire?

workout leggings, sports bra, old t-shirt, sweatshirt (finally warm enough to ditch the jacket and it wasn't raining), ponytail.

Do you glow or sweat?


Fave drink while working out?

Um...I'm bad at this.  I will bring water with me only when it's super warm.  Otherwise I'm too busy moving.

How do you feel when you're done?

Superfab.  I stretch, do either pushups or crunches, shower, then breakfast.

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Yes, see, if you excercise enought you get additcted.  I have to do it.  I don't sit around much at home if I'm not working out either.  I just move.  Always have - part of it is maybe I grew up on a farm and there was little sitting around.  Then I did sports solidly from middleschool to college.  And it just continued.  Make is a regular habit and do those pushups!  Even start with one or two - hugely great for upper body strength for women esp. as we age.

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Your post made me tired. LOL

Enjoy your vacay by the way - can't wait to hear about it when you get back!

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My biggest problem has been work and the old house interferring with a regular schedule. I'm OCD and when my schedule is thrown off, it makes me freakin' CRAZY and throws everything off kilter. Now that I'm done with the old house (yay!), I'm hoping work will stop being such a damn rollercoaster.

My physical therapist is very impressed with my back muscles... LOL

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Gads, I'd be floundering like a fish out of water if I didn't drink. I sweat profusely and my mouth goes DRY. If I can't hydrate it's all over.

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My DH is always bugging me about it.  But I'm usually generally pretty hydrated during the day...speaking of which, I need my lemon water!

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Workout alone or with someone? Alone

Indoors or outdoors?  I like to do weights and some cardio indoors, followed by a walk outside after

Fave workout attire?  Activewear capri's, sports bra, tank top. Always.

Do you glow or sweat?  I sweat like a whore in church

Fave drink while working out?  I have a whole system. lol. Watermelon pre-workout followed by a lemon post/during workout drink, followed by water. The pre-workout drink is soo good, and it really does help with energy

How do you feel when you're done?  Tired but Satisfied!

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I sweat like a whore in church

You owe me a half a cup of coffee! lol

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Tone-up! Been running my furbabies! Also going to the gym consistently. I Feel good!

  1. Either or. Honeslty depends on the person. Runs I prefer alone so I can set my own pace. I've had 2-3 workout buddies I love. But several that have been the worst and I'd rather be alone. As long as they can keep up and aren't holding my workout back i don't mind. But I'm there to improve, not to wait for someone (that sounded harsh....)
  2. Both. I love machines indoors, but I really prefer to run outdoors where I feel productive.
  3. Shorts, tanktop, max support racerback bra, puma socks, nike shoes. LOL
  4. SWEAT. Like a damn mess.
  5. I use preworkout and finih with protein... During the workout I either use water or bodyarmour.
  6. Forking amazing as he!!. I'm definitely on a natural high.

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I have only ever had one good workout buddy. Too many want to TALK. Eff that. If we can motivate each other to get to the gym (or on the bike trail, or...), great! But don't expect me to talk about shizzit while we're there. I'm there to SWEAT, not chat.

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Workout alone or with someone? neither

Indoors or outdoors? Mostly outdoors..we love to walk and our weather is great for walking during the evenings.

Fave workout attire? what ever i am wearing.

Do you glow or sweat? I would say "GLOW". Ladies do not sweat. I know I am going to get backlash for that.

Fave drink while working out? coffee? OR water. Depends on the time of day. Could be a cocktail too. Again WE walk....hehehehe

How do you feel when you're done? like I  wasted my time. I NEED instant gratification. Now if I could walk into a magic booth granting me  immediate transformation at a gym I would go.

*side note. My instant gratification only pertains to working out. I am very patient in most areas of my life"*

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GL, what the hell is this 'neither' stuff. Do you work out with wood nymphs or imaginary friends??

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My imaginary friend lol ...that would be my DH...bahahahahaha

I dont work out...I loathe the very thought of it.

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Well, DUH. It's obvious I needed that coffee I splatted all over my desk due to Step-girlfriend's "whore in church" comment.