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OT - Tone-up Tuesday

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Who else is having a Tubby Tuesday? I was tired last night and microwaved a can of Chef Boyardee Beefaroni. I cannot tell you the last time I ate pasta, but after eating that? Ermagawd, I felt like I swallowed an entire POUND of the stuff.

Today I'm feeling bloated (still!) and I swear that two pimples popped up overnight. Aniki needs VEGGIES! My plan tonight is to have a nice, big salad for dinner. Spring mix, salmon, blueberries, and cottage cheese. Nom nom nom...

How goes it with YOU?


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Hi Aniki!

I remember having Chef Boyrdee and can't say the last time I had one. I was thinking of something for dinner tonight maybe fried cabbage with Kielbasa, not sure yet.

Have a great day amiga!

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Hola amiga!

We keep some in the pantry because PigPen likes it. I do, too, just haven't had it in forever!

Every time I hear "cabbage" I think of colcannon. NOT a diet dish! LOL

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Yummmm!!! One thing I have to say I have appreciated in the south was the cabbage... You can find it basically anywhere. i like it very simply cooked up with kielbasa or bacon. Yummy!!!

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I’ve been eating nonstop carbs the last few days & im def feeling it :S

Not sure what I’ll make for dinner tonight but it’ll be loaded with veggies & low carb lol 

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Monkey, I've been stress-eating lately, which means I'm not eating salad 3-4 times a week. Too many potatoes and pizza and JUNK.

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I ate four peanut butter cookies right before bed last night and this morning I woke up wishing it was a bad dream lol. This snow needs to melt so I can go outside again!!

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I do like a good peanut butter cookie!

WTH, woman, you can go outside when there's snow. LOL

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We have a foot or so of packed snow on top of ice with a nice layer if ice covering everything. I can figure skate down my driveway I suppose! Blum 3

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I ate a cheese bagel with tomatoes and cheese on it for dinner... And pasta for lunch yesterday... I too am having a bit of a tubby tuesday... Bleck!

Beebeel reminded me... There was also peanut butter ice cream and chocolate involved....

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Yup. Over here too. I bought a shitload of groceries the other day but I've just been eating frozen pizzas and pb&j sandwiches for meals. Finally just had some carrots. Must continue on the veggie express. 

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You seriously did not eat that?
I looked it up because it sounded like some exotic disease.

Not a tubby Tuesday for me.
I stopped eating added sugar for Lent.
I am really struggling with no sugar in my tea and being without my daily chocolate milkshake.
No other eating changes and I am down 4 pounds in 2 weeks.
Nice benefit, but I am dying for chocolate!
Roll on Easter!

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I did, Letti. I was too tired to make a sandwich. Dumped the Beefaroni in a bowl, microwaved it for 90 seconds, and collapsed into a chair to eat.

Can you mix cocoa powder into something for a substitute??

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I just had my usual miso soup with egg, a banana and a cup of tea for breakfast.  Five minutes later followed by a chocolate chip cookie (I baked).  No regrets.

Last night it was leftover night for DH and I. A smorgasbord of leftover indian food, brats and some steamed veggies.

Tonight is up to DH to cook so likely it'll be a tofu/veg stir fry of some sort.  I'm still training him to not mix Italian spices with Chinese spices (they do NOT go together and I usually don't eat it if he does this) so we'll see how he does.  I over heard him last week asking SD13 if X spice will go with Asian spice...her answer, "No....."  Right on SD13.

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Five minutes later followed by a chocolate chip cookie

A chocolate chip cookie? As in ONE? I'm calling you a bad name, right now!

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My SO is the same. I try over and over to explain spices that go with what type of cuisine. He has put jerk sauce in alfredo. He has put soya sauce in pasta. I could go on. It's blasphemous!

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YES!  He uses the "Spike" spice in everything - he just loves the stuff, but doesn't understand if you mix it with OTHER things, it clashes.  And if you use a very good jar asian stir fry sauce then don't use anything else but maybe some red pepper flakes or a little extra's a sauce for a reason! 

One of his friends stayed with us for a couple days and DH made one of his "make it once, eat it for lunch for a week" dishes.  He saw it and said, "Oh, DH made his quintessentially DH-dish!  He still does this?!"  LMAO.

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Don't get me started on sriracha sauce... And you're right - it CLASHES! When I go on one of my rants, he laughs at me and says that he's just practical and experimenting with different things. I try to explain how it offends my "refined palate" and he laughs even more.... lol


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The Chinese restaurant owner recommended that I touch the tip of my fried potstickers in sriracha after dipping it in the potsticker sauce. Nom nom nom!

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Bosses are at a meeting all day today, so its nice and quiet here at the office.

Last night was rough - Toxic Troll has been telling DH that Feral Eldest need phychiatric attention. She is simply acting EXACTLY like BM. LOL.

Otherwise its cool and cloudy, I am definitely going to the gym tonight no matter what. Ive been good with eating healthy. I too crave veggies. I love artichokes, so I bought some and steamed them. DH likes to eat his cooked veggies with mayonnaise. I grew up eating them with butter and salt. We were too full after to partake of all the bbq leftovers. LOL. Couldnt even attempt the rice he had cooked.

Today might be chicken and okra. I absolutely LOVE okra. Its texture and flavor. I have gone almost 49 years not having ever eaten it, but there are some dishes that DH eats that require okra, so I started eating it.

Chef B. My mother used to make that. And spaghettios. With sausage. I would have added spinach, some fresh garlic and parmesan cheese. LOL. A sprig of basil.

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With MAYO?! *bad*

One of my brothers used to eat spaghettios for breakfast, washed down with Coke.

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I had an elderly man here (in the south... He's a vegetable farmer) inform me that since i didn't know how to make fried Okra, he had no clue how I was going to keep a man. LMAO.

I tried Fried Okra once, Didn't like it... I haven't had it cooked any other way though!

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So you can't keep a man unless you know how to make fried okra? Bahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

My DH calls okra "slimy green blobs of death".

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Yup. I apparently can't. Destined for failure over here!

Your Dh is onto something... That was basically what I was thinking while trying it...